Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Only five more minutes before Media Spy is officially whipped into a frenzy (if it isn’t already).

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





The broadcast really suits her, much better than what Seven Sydney was dishing out in that ugly 2013-15 period


Amanda Jason is back from maternity leave, presenting weather this weekend.
After weather preview Amanda said Chris it’s lovely to finally have you on-board.
Chris said it’s great to be here.


Fixed that one up for you! :wink:

Although I still think the “Chris & Jim banter” particularly during 2012-13 was absolutely fantastic (and I definitely hope we’ll see the two on screen together again at some point in the future), almost gave Pete & Ken on Nine a run for their money! But now of course, Pete & Cam are thousands of kilometres ahead of the generally awkward banter from Fergo & McLaughlin…


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport this weekend.



Chris thanked everyone for being apart of her first bulletin on 10 at the end.

and here is the full bulletin for those interested


Ugh, can’t watch the full one here in PH. The WMG content hit me.


Chris has so much authority. Seven are fools.


You have to wonder what went on behind the scenes at Seven considering Bath is doing the equivalent job 3.5 years down the track at another network.


Not to mention all the other high profile presenters/reporters who’ve left Seven since 2014…


And probably on a lot less than the $500k she walked away from as well.


There comes a point in life though that dignity is higher and more important than money. I suspect she lost her dignity and importance the moment Ferguson was appointed over her and it was a route of no return.

She’s done a fantastic job tonight. One would imagine that if she is still in the main chair of Seven News Sydney they’d probably be beating Nine now.


Bath’s first bulletin at 10 was a stark reminder of just how good she is and how stupid 7 were to replace her with Ferguson. I’d be looking over my shoulder if I was Sandra Sully.


For all we know, 10 could be working on a late news bulletin and Sandra might love that national exposure and her former role!


Chris Bath in Perth looked really excited to be there, fumbling over the closer and beaming from ear to ear.


another bulletin… to fill out the other 3 days of the week?


Don’t know why but this notion seems to come up semi-frequently around here for some reason - I know Bath’s supporters here won’t like me saying this but I doubt it. While I don’t believe Ferguson was the right person to replace her, Bath being ‘moved aside’ (for lack of a better term) wasn’t done for the sakes of it…