Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Ten will replace her with someone much cheaper when they realise not even her star power will pull people to the network. Same with Wilkinson. Those on expensive contracts will be the first to go when ratings don’t improve and the bean counters are looking at a sea of red down the track.


If she hadn’t already signed with 10, I think 9 would have been knocking on her door for the weekend newsreader gig they have vacant.


Melbourne weather presenter Mike Larkan is returning from holidays on Monday.


no they won’t. it’ll be the editors, camera operators and journalists.

We’ve all seen that over the last 8 years.


The Project - Friday, Saturday, Sunday is what I would like to see.



Knowing what Nine News Sydney are like when it comes to bringing in new presenters/reporters, I’d actually say the chances of them being interested in Chris Bath are very slim to none. TCN generally look to their sister stations in the smaller capital cities (mostly QTQ, with a splash of talent from Adelaide or Perth) or radio newsrooms (mainly 2GB/Macquarie National News) for new on-air talent.



Joe Hill is presenting in Brisbane tonight. Veronica Eggleton is presenting sport.


Great profile shot of Chris.



Another version, full length shot.



Lol first night on 10 and she’s wearing Seven News colours. Showing where her loyalties lie haha.


^ :roll_eyes:

Really great to see Chris back behind the news desk.


I thought Seven News’ colour was blue, blue and more blue.


Indeed back at a news desk where she belongs.


Bath Vader is back!


Jennifer Keyte re-joined last year and now Chris Bath 10 certainly adding class and experience to the news desk.


It wouldn’t surprise me that if 10 continues to invest and improve their news service we could be seeing more under-appreciated talents from Seven and Nine moving over.


I was joking, hense the “haha”.