Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


I personally would’ve thought PVO was right wing myself.

In any case, who really cares how individual presenters/reporters lean politically just as long as their actual journalism is balanced and impartial?


I personally don’t, but for some reason lots on this forum seem to care, and get particularly aggressive on matters in relation to this.

If I was to be 10’s head of news, I’d put Chris Bath, Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Van Onselen at the forefront of the election coverage.


You’re dreaming. Chris Bath is the weekend news host. She’s not the face of the network.


I’m surprised anyone thinks Ten’s news ratings on the weekend will be given a bump just because Bath will be reading the bulletin. They’ll struggle while ever they continue with this national weekend bulletin folly.


Sure, but I didn’t say just Chris Bath. If you read what I’ve written I said with Lisa Wilkinson and PVO.

I wouldn’t mind someone like Sandra Sully or Hugh Riminton either.

Simple solution is right under their nose, they could easily record local windows for the East Coast + Adelaide and have two separate sports reports for AFL/NRL. Do the whole thing for WA again LIVE.

Or get someone like Georgia Love to do a separate bulletin for Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Bath can do Sydney and Brisbane.


Interested to see if Chris Bath will be used as Sandra Sully’s fill in or Hugh Riminton will remain as second choice. I think Chris would give the ratings a boast.


Won’t happen. Her radio show begins at 7pm only leaving her an hour between roles and I’m sure she’d need to prep.


You clearly know nothing about politics if you think PVO is right wing :joy:


You have clearly articulated here how lefties can’t control their anger, they lash out and they don’t like being called lefties.

Not once did I say anything bad about those people, just that they are lefties - which they are. Not once did I demonise them or say that being a Leftie was bad.

Yet, you, clearly a Leftie youserself, chooses to describe right wingers as right wing nut jobs (‘RWNJ’), as if to say that being a right winger is a bad thing. You have clearly shown what is wrong with democracy in terms of people not having the freedom to express their political views without being called a name… i.e ‘Nut Job’.

I am more than happy for these people to have left wing views, I merely pointed out that they are left wingers.

I am 100% in agreeance with Derryn Hinch when he says that all political Journalists should declare who they vote for. I think you would find the vast majority being left wingers, which there is nothing wrong with them being that (I certainly am not going to call them childish names such as a nut job), however, it would be great to see people from across the political spectrum on commercial news and free from being the victim of tantrums from people such as yourself.


I’m more than happy to discuss this with you in DMs, but you don’t even know me, how would you know I’m a leftie? It’s basically me calling you as a RWNJ even though I don’t know much about you.

Yet you called them ‘lefties’.

They’re victims of tantrums which have been sparked by themselves.

Thanks Alan Jones.

I think we can move on so that it doesn’t clog this part of the forum. Feel free to talk more in DM.

Well look who’s talking. Most of them right-wing nutjobs go one better and lash out at those who are even slightly ‘left’, yet them hypocrites don’t even know what they are themselves.

Think we’re slightly off topic…move on.


What he said.


Thank you.

Don’t mind a political debate but it would work better in a specific area rather than somewhere irrelevant.

I honestly hope 10 is moving forward in terms of news production. 10 should be looking to poach those who are undervalued in Seven and Nine and get them over the line.


Only does radio Mon-Thurs.
Fridays are a possibility.


The positive thing is though, they’re ramping up their recourses on weekends. Extra staff are being hired. Its not just Chris Bath presenting.


Especially when Bathie did present some news bulletins during her mid-2017 fill-in stint on ABC News NSW.

I’d even go as far as saying that Chris Bath should be the main presenter of 10 News First Sydney on weeknights (even better if they managed to poach Jim Wilson from Seven to present Sports alongside her), but of course that isn’t likely to happen for obvious reasons.


I don’t think the audience would ever forgive 10 if they ditched Sandra.

If Bathie wanted to go back to TV full-time then she would be ideal for a late-night show. Not a straight news bulletin but something fun with a studio audience. She has excelled on radio away from straight news.


Chris now appearing in station idents


You’d think the ABC would have Bath signed to an exclusive agreement. She could’ve been a real asset to ABC News. Now her talent will be wasted on a second rate commercial television news service.


Bathie could walk into any newsroom, boardroom or political office in Australia and land a high profile role if she asked for one. Like with her move to radio, she is choosing to be a part of something different by joining 10, it’s certainly not due to a lack of offers.


She’s basically the Jana Wendt of the 21st century then.