Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


They should be heavily promoting Chris Bath to try to establish some credibility for their news brand.


Video from Sandra’s Instagram

Is that Peter Meakin in the first pic? Good to see he’s still doing some consulting for 10 if so.


Knowing how Ten’s social media team has had some added sass in recent months, I personally hope the network will be smart enough to capitalise on this by getting Chris & Sandra involved in some regular banter (such as that seen around State of Origin time in the past) on the platforms. Perhaps even getting the two involved in some Lee Lin Chin-style satirical segments on The Project further down the track?


Election 2019 coverage with Chris Bath, Sandra Sully and Lisa Wilkinson with Hugh Riminton please.


and PVO


That would be a disastrous choice. “Join Ten for Election 2019 with Chris Bath, Leftie 1, Leftie 2, Leftie 3 and Leftie 4!”


Josh was on The Project tonight.


Chris’ first bulletin is on Saturday.


So i guess Perth’s western edition of News First starts this weekend?


Wait it hasn’t already??
I thought that started a few months ago?



Looks like someone took some publicity shots at least :man_shrugging:t3:

Also, Sandra needs to update the 10 daily handle in her name section as it was changed to @10dailyau around 31st Oct with the logo changes.


Why do we need to politicise everything?

It’s a TV coverage, not a political comedy show.


No. Must be this weekend then.


that’s ok, for people like you there’s Sky


You don’t actually know that Sully and Bath are lefties. You just made that up.


Umm… I never said Bathie was a Leftie…you just made that up.
It’s been around for a long time that a journalist is good if you don’t know who they voted for, and with Bathie, I don’t.

Sandra Sully is a Leftie based on what she likes and has liked on Twitter. It’s clear.


What has she said?


Ummm because it’s a broadcast on the Federal Election…the whole thing is politicised.


Well if we have to politicise everything then what’s the lineup on Sky then?

Speers, RWNJ1, RWNJ2, RWNJ3, RWNJ4 and I could go on forever.

If you think 10 is filled with ‘lefties’ then what about PVO? He’s fairly centrist.