Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


True. Has Natalie presented the Perth news before?


I just think they don’t want to piss her off because she has been there for so long and 10 want to retain talent. But yeah she is a pretty bad newsreader.

Yeah she has


Funny thing is, I used to see videos of her presenting back at around 2010 and she wasn’t bad. She was actually quite good, but now for some reason she seems to ‘whisper’ the news and doesn’t have any authority. Shame really.


Candice Wyatt is presenting news updates in Melbourne this week.



Joe Hill: “I have left the good news til last- Georgie is back on Monday.”

You got that right Joe. Can’t wait.


Apologies if this has been covered, but do we know when Chris Bath begins presenting the news on 10 News First?


Probably towards the end of the month or early February would be my guess.


Nick Etchells is presenting 10 News First again this weekend with Emma Lawrence presenting sport.


Monday 14 January -

Jennifer Keyte is back presenting in Melbourne.


I would say this weekend? Most presenters return today.


Apologies for the double post.


After presenting weather last night (Sunday) Amanda Hart tweeted -
My last weekend weather forecast for a while.

She must be going on holidays?


Sandra Sully and Tim Bailey also back from holidays in Sydney tonight.


Amanda Duval might be returning from maternity leave?


The A-team on board in Brissy tonight


My favourite team in Brisbane tonight- Georgie, Veronica and Josh.


Possibly this weekend…


Looking at Sandra’s instagram Chris was in the studio this afternoon so it’s looking like she will start this weekend. She is also returning to radio on Monday.


They should be heavily promoting Chris Bath to try to establish some credibility for their news brand.