Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


lots of people have diff opinions, it’s fine dude


When I originally brought this up about local weekend news, I was only mocking a lineup.
I don’t actually intend 10 to start this up any time soon, and as you pointed out, investing in additional resources for their 5PM news and further expansion is much more important right now.



What are recourses? What is this term?


have both, but not right now.


Candice Wyatt is presenting in Melbourne this week.


Georgia Love is presenting the weather for the next 3 weeks.


Georgia is presenting Melbourne weather along with the national weather this weekend.

Caty Price presenting sport in Melbourne again this week.


Monday 31 December -

Lachlan Kennedy is presenting in Sydney again this week with Emma Lawrence presenting sport and Amanda Hart presenting weather this week.


Monday (31.12.2018) -Friday (04.01.2018): Joe Hill is presenting in Brisbane this week with Pippa Sheehan on weather. Veronica Eggleton is on sport.


Those numbers won’t improve with him there.


Melbourne reporter Kristina Costalos presented Weather on 10 News First Melbourne last night


Good on her. She was a great talent in Brisbane & the Gold Coast, lovely person too.


She did a great job last night. :clap:
Did she ever do any presenting in Brisbane or the Gold Coast?


Yes, she filled in for Josh on a number of occasions doing weather.


Wednesday -

Georgia Love is back presenting weather in Melbourne tonight.


Patrick Stack, formerly of Fox Sports, ABC & 7 reporting for 10 News First tonight.


he reported for them about a month ago on the national weekend bulletin.


Pat left Fox Sports after the Australian News Channel takeover. The latest personality formerly at FSN to join 10. Quite the change from when Fox poached a number of 10 sports journos during administration.


Joe Hill in Brisbane tonight:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure having your company this evening, let’s do it all again tomorrow night, goodnight”.