Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


I would say a few more staff would be hired in Perth for the weekend edition, and a reporter or two on the east coast for morning updates.


Updates in Brisbane today.




Looks like TVQ have taken on ex-intern Johnpaul Gonzo as a reporter for the summer.


One to watch.


That’s BTQ.

Seriously(!), I’m always happy whenever a station picks up one of their interns and builds upon their experience.


Network has been hiring a LOT of reporters lately… this is great to see.
Big plans next year!!


BTQ is 7. TVQ is 10.

John Paul covering Lauren Day’s maternity leave.


Sorry, was responding to @JosShoulderPads dropping “one to watch.” Then I did a 2-in-1 thing with the slogans.


Natarsha Belling presenting the NSW bulletin tonight.



Thursday & Friday -

Amanda Hart presented weather in Sydney, Tim has probably started his holidays.


Yep it was mentioned at the end of last night’s bulletin that it was Tim’s last before hols.


Friday -

Natarsha Belling is presenting in Sydney again tonight.


Saturday (22.12.2018) - Sunday (23.12.2018): Nick Etchells is presenting the national news.


Do u know if he’s presenting from Melbourne?


Updates with Nick:

Here’s the opener:


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport this weekend.


Despite less time behind the desk, I think Nick’s newsreading has improved since being at 10.


I believe this is the first time he’s presented at 10?


Monday (24.12.2018)- Wednesday (26.12.2018): Lachlan Kennedy is anchoring the national bulletins this week.