Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Should have paired them up for Wake Up. It may have stood a better chance as they had a proven chemistry.


When was this?




Wow, such a casual end board image of everyone. Matt Doran with his button up shirt untucked, the sports presenter (Rob Canning?) wearing a t-shirt under his blazer.


Stephen Quartermain is doing double shift this week: co-hosting 3AW breakfast and presenting sport on 10 News First in Melbourne.



“Moving to mornings to deliver you the latest news across the day and of course the wonderful show that is studio 10”
“Hope you can join us bright and early as we shake things up in the morning in 2019”.

Sounds like there may be more than just the Studio 10 news updates?


Reading into it, definitely sounds that way.


Candice Wyatt is presenting news updates in Melbourne this week.


@lexington @Bob any hints??


Don’t read into everything… then again, me not hearing anything doesn’t mean anything :wink:


Stay tuned…2019 not far away :wink:


We know :roll_eyes:


Stephen Quartermain is presenting in Melbourne with Caty Price presenting sport this week.


(17-21/12/2018) Alan Murrell is presenting in Adelaide this week.


Lachlan Kennedy will be presenting.


Looks like Candice will be anchoring News First in Melbourne for a month.


Seven News Perth’s Jamie Freestone has shifted to 10 News First, just caught a report he filled, he was previously at the Network a few years back.


he’s back then.


Any numbers on the overall news employees the network have now?
A while ago you said they hit 2014 numbers.
What’s the next milestone? :stuck_out_tongue: