Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Nice work 10, assume their new bureau would be in some studios that CBS have there.

Though Ten News First? :thinking: There doesn’t seem to be much consistency with Studio 10 using 10daily.com.au on a super the other day which doesn’t work at all.


I love Joe Hill.


That was one of the worst reports I have seen from Ten/10. I expected better.

Plus, I don’t understand the love for Hill. He is just an Average Joe to me.


I’d prefer a one off report like that than continuous crap from ALDI


Yep, I agree. This is the type of “report” that the Ten fans around here would be quick to slam (not entirely undeservingly so, I might add) if it aired on Nine News Queensland or Seven News Sydney.

I’d prefer to never see any reports like that on commercial TV news or at the very least, full on-air disclosure as to whether or not they’re receiving money in exchange for the televisual equivalent of an Uber Eats press release.


Yes obviously, it’s not really news and should probably be for websites like Buzzfeed, 10 Daily etc. However, the story does in some sense seem more interesting and appealing than a Supermarket Price war. Hopefully this is not what they meant by being a Network for under 50’s.


PVO’s first piece for 10 daily.


It would be good if they could present a national bulletin together at some stage. Two credible journos-what’s not to love?


(14/12/2018) Natalie Forrest is presenting in Perth tonight.


Emma Lawrence presenting sport again this weekend.


Good to see her finally get some airtime after over a decade relegated to regional TV and/or reporting.


Tonight was Tarsh’s last night.
She had a bit of a send off.


Tarsh signed off the weekend bulletin for the last time tonight thanking everyone after more than a decade on weekends she said.
She mentioned the fantastic Chris Bath will be joining us next year on weekends.
Amanda Hart presented her with flowers.


Never mind. In 2013, Ten thought she was leaving the weekend news for good and was back within 6 months. Tarsh has been a staple to the Ten newsroom and I hope your new role on Studio 10, is just the beginning of a new plan for her.

Within those 10 years, my favourite was undoubtedly her pairing with Matt Doran.


Unbeatable to this very day.


I’m happy that she’ll get to spend more time with her family. She’s always been loyal to 10, so her appointment is well deserved.


Agree, she seems very happy with the appointment.



Are you for real? Natarsha has a nice voice and is a lovely reader, but “unbeatable” in off-the-cuff bantering and chemistry… um, I don’t think so.


Video montage - farewell comments at 10:28