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She sure is the luckiest c**t… i mean the country’s luckiest person! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah kinda agree with that, it still won’t get me to switch over to TEN News First on weekends. Nice try TEN. :slight_smile: But for the people that watch it (East cost viewers mainly) it will be good for them.

I am well aware of Chris Bath and her stint at Seven, thought she was fantastic there, but with Ten still not fully functioning as a reputible news service , but from what i see of it, it’s a start. It will not make me switch over to hear about eastern states news. :stuck_out_tongue:


Peter Van Onselen appeared on Studio 10 this morning.


So much negativity, years ago Sky News Australia was irrelevant to many ,Virgin Australia also and now the two have totally turned around.Fantastic addition to the 10 team and I have no doubt 2019 will be the year of change.


PVO with an exclusive on his first day of work at ten.


With the new weekend team of Chris Bath and Roz Kelly for 2019, I wonder if Amanda Jason will be returning to reprise her weather presenting role around the same time also?

She said in January earlier this year that she would be back after maternity leave which would be great, it’s been about 12 months since then and kind of a shame we’ve hardly seen her on screen in the last few years with the birth of her 2 children.



Another exclusive here in Sydney with Hugh Riminton


From a Mediaweek interview with Ross Dagan in today’s Morning Report:

Who do you have outside of Australia working for your news division?

We just restarted a London bureau with reporter Eammon Atkinson , and I am optimistic we will have a reporter out of LA very soon.




Well done TEN!


I’ll post this here too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is Atkinson actually a full time employee of Ten now or has the freelancing arrangement just been extended?


I wondered the same thing, the article isn’t exactly clear on that and I would have thought they would have made a bit more noise about that.


I would say fulltimer now :+1:


Atkinson still describes himself as a freelancer on his social media pages. The interviewer should’ve asked Dagan to define bureau. Is it a bureau in the traditional sense of the word or is Ten using a freelance video journalist who’ll work solo and produce most content on the road? Is Ten utilising the resources of the CBS News bureau in London?


Melbourne just had a live cross to him, with an in-depth report from London.


Was PVO wearing the same tie as yesterday?



Eammon has now updated his twitter -
European Correspondent for @10NewsFirst based in London.


On Studio 10 this morning