Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Immediately after reading the article in the paper (Speaking of which, where did they seem to get “2014 was the last time Seven News Sydney won the ratings battle against Nine” from?), I instantly thought “Media Spy will be whipped into a frenzy over this” and wasn’t proven wrong!

Kind of surprised that Chris Bath went with Ten though. As it’s already been pointed out, aren’t ABC News NSW possibly looking for a new Friday/Saturday presenter with Jeremy Fernandez moving over to the News Channel next year?

That said, I guess it may explain (at least partially) why we won’t see Bathie involved with the ABC’s NYE 2018 coverage. During October & November, I’d imagine that many people on this forum would’ve been wondering whether we’ll get a New Years Eve Bath after her role in the Invictus Games coverage!

I agree, although surely Lisa Wilkinson would most likely be the lead star of any Federal Election coverage from 10 News First? They’d be idiots not to build on Wilkinson’s experience of presenting election coverage for Nine IMO!

Indeed. As much as it pains me to say this, probably less than 100k Sydney viewers will watch Chris Bath present 10 News First on Saturday & Sunday nights.

Personally I think @HarbourSideTv would be even more excited than me! :wink:

Especially when it comes to their absolutely pathetic weather coverage (which yes, is even worse than Nine’s) but don’t get me started on that again…

This guy gets it. Ten might have Chris Bath, but Nine still have a whole stable of familiar faces (not just when it comes to the presenters, but reporters too) the other three main news services in Sydney should be envious of.


Disagree. I’d have Bath front election coverage. Her political experience far outweighs Wilkinson’s. Wilkinson can stick to the fluffy celeb interviews.


I think this is good get. She will bring confidence back to the brand, but I would rather read the headline ‘Ten Expands News Resources’ in newsroom across the country first.


From Ten:

Chris Bath Puts 10 News First.

The Network 10 news team is growing, with the appointment of Chris Bath – one of Australia’s most respected news and current affairs presenters and seasoned journalists – as national weekend news presenter.

Bath’s extensive reporting and presenting experience, coupled with her honesty and integrity, makes her one of Australia’s most trusted news presenters.

Bath will join 10 early next year and will report to network director of news content Ross Dagan. In addition to presenting 10 News First every Saturday and Sunday, she will be contributing to other Network 10 programmes and platforms.

Dagan said: “Chris is one of Australia’s most respected news presenters. Her formidable journalistic credentials and decades of presenting experience are welcome additions to our already impressive line-up of presenters for 10 News First across the country.

“Beyond that, she’s a fantastic person. They’re qualities we value highly at 10.”

Bath’s remarkable career in journalism includes 20 years at Seven Network – where she presented Seven News and hosted Sunday Night from its launch - plus had stints at Prime TV and NBN Television. Bath has anchored the coverage of some of the biggest events in the world including rolling news coverage of many elections, breaking news stories, Royal weddings and Olympic Games.

Bath said: “I’ve been a visitor to Network 10 these past few years and have always loved the friendly, upbeat vibe of the place, so I’m really excited to be officially a permanent part of the team.”

Bath currently presents Evenings with Chris Bath on ABC Radio Sydney, Canberra and NSW Monday to Thursday evenings.


Fantastic pick up for 10!

Bring it on!!!

Can I just add how AMAZING it would be in live rolling breaking news coverage if Chris Bath and Sandra Sully presented together at the same desk. Wow.


She should be replacing Sandra Sully.



It has more to do with the culture in those places.


And just maybe she wasn’t ready to make a commitment until now. I remember Chris said an interview in 2015 after leaving Seven she didn’t want to be tied down to a network contract. And since then has done some bits and pieces and obviously now she is ready to return she said about this new role l am just lucky the timing is right on a number of levels.
She will be an excellent addition to the 10 News First team.


Only difference is that Mike Munro sucked. Chris is a fabulous get.


Indeed. Mike Munro was very bland and didn’t fit straight newsreading.


You know he was Nine News’ weekend presenter in Sydney right?


During what was arguably, the darkest period for Nine News Sydney in their 62 year history. While Nine had Mike Munro, Seven had Chris Bath (and maybe Samantha Armytage, earlier on) competing against him at the same time IIRC.


Nothing new in this article.


I thought Ann Sanders was the weekend presenter for a while before Chris Bath became weekend presenter.


That’s indeed correct. Chris Bath presented Seven Morning News for a while, eventually moving to weekend news as Ann Sanders took over the presenting of the Morning News (which must’ve been successful, because she still presents the bulletin to this day).

But for a while during the 2003-05 timeframe, I think Samantha Armytage was more commonly used than Chris Bath as a fill-in/secondary presenter for Seven News Sydney.


From the Daily Telegraph article
“Studio 10, the CBS backed network morning show”

Ok, so what does that mean. “CBS backed”

Aren’t all local shows CBS backed?


An attempt to end speculation the show is on its way out?


Only way Sandra Sully will ever be replaced is if she chooses to walk.


Great to see Mel wishing her well…