Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Really? Chris is on weekend afternoons to an audience of around 200,000 - 300,000 give or take.

Her appointment will not change a thing.


Technically, that is roughly the same amount of viewers as the Sydney market when she was the Seven News anchor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a serious note, hopefully her appointment will be part of a wider plan come next year.


True but that’s in one city. The current 10 News weekend numbers are the whole country. It’s an embarrassment.

It’ll be Mike Munro all over again. She’ll be gone after a year or two.


I think 10 are a bit more serious this time around with doing things right, obviously there are wider changes that systematically need to happen throughout the network with additional resources, revamp of their early evening schedule and weekend offerings however this appointment is a step in the right direction and they needed to secure someone to secure Tarsh and who could also contribute to the news department which is exactly what will happen. I’m optimistic that further changes will occur in due course.


Such a weird pick up for Ten considering her radio commitments will prevent her from filling in for Sully most nights. I’m not sure what the point of these big name, expensive hirings is if they aren’t going to make a serious effort to bolster their news presence beyond 5pm. Studio 10 doesn’t really count and the lack of state bulletins on Ten on weekends is a running joke.

It says a lot about what must’ve been happening at Seven around 2014 if Bath has taken the same job at another network with a much smaller audience, albeit national. Such a pity Nine doesn’t have something for her although certain incidents would indicate a negative, bitchy vibe in that newsroom.


Having said what I said above, I just remembered that the ABC NSW team has a weekend slot open (as Jeremy Fernandez is moving to NC), I would’ve thought Bath might’ve been a candidate for that role as well as the main understudy for Juanita, as that role has higher ratings and better reputation than most commercials (including 10).

Very interesting to see her move to 10 in any cases. I would think she might be used for other platforms and that the weekend news is just a placeholder.

@SydneyCityTV would be very excited by this announcement.


you don’t know what plans are in the works.


I don’t but I fear anything they attempt will be abandoned when it doesn’t show immediate results just like the other occasions they’ve invested in news. If they can’t show patience and some commitment to the product for longer than six months, they may as well spend the money reclaiming The Simpsons and scheduling that across the schedule.

I fear traditional television viewers will be wary of Ten considering past failures. I know I’d rather watch ABC News channel than be annoyed by Ten’s poorly produced Sydney bulletin at 5pm these days.


I don’t think it’s the same Ten that we knew from the news revolution days.
Management is different and as we have seen, they aren’t rushing anything and are taking their time to slowly rebuild their news team again.


this guy gets it.


Definitely signs of change. They can’t have persuaded Lisa Wilkinson, Jennifer Keyte, Emma Lawrence and Peter Van Onselen to jump ship and other journalists to join/rejoin the network if they’re haven’t got a long term vision. Certainly 10 haven’t blinked yet when it comes to news.


She is probably still under contract with ABC. Once that is up, who knows what is in the works.


The average viewer won’t care that Ten is “under new management”. They have entrenched habits when it comes to news and current affairs consumption. It will take a lot to break those habits and entice those viewers so Ten had better be working on something special. I can’t say the “Ten News First” branding gimmick inspires me with confidence.

Hoping Bath doesn’t give up the ABC job considering the track record Ten has in enticing talent from other networks and then cutting them loose when it all gets too hard.


It may not matter to the average viewer, but it clearly matters to the venerable roll call of presenters and journalists that are making the move to 10.

Obviously they see something, or know something, that we don’t and that has filled them with enough confidence to make the leap to the “poorest network in the country.”

You also don’t see the abandonment of staff like with 7 and 9… 10 have been quite stable in the past 12 months.


That’s probably cause they have less work to do at 10. :joy: Seven and Nine News produce so much news content it must be too much on some people so they leave.


Exactly. The new recruits are obviously being sold a solid product or they wouldn’t be signing on.

It’s interesting the number of members who constantly whinge and bitch on here that 10 need to invest in news and as soon as they start to, the same members continue to whinge.
To build the 10 news brand, they need talent. They’ve now got plenty of it.


They just have to offer the content and chip away. You can turn it around. Seven used to rate shit in Sydney.

10 needs morning news (fun style!) and local news extended to 7pm and preferably a mid-evening local presence as well (9:30).

Their News First brand is quite different and targeting a somewhat different audience than Seven and Nine.

Ten News First Content and Appearance

Given Chris Bath has been on the sidelines for a couple of years with evidently no interest from Nine, I’m not sure it’s the coup of the century.


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It gives us all something to talk about over Christmas and New Years. Thanks 10.