Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Speaking of Lachlan, he’s been writing a number of pieces for 10 daily the last few days in particular but in general also. Good to see them using their journalists across different platforms.



Hugh Riminton or Lachlan would be great weekend newsreaders.


Which is bad why? Diversity :+1:


Agreed. On a side note, though, I wasn’t a massive fan of the coverage for this story :man_facepalming:t2:


Nerelda doing a bit of a dance in the closer of tonights news. :joy:


Everyone in the city/Northbridge keep a look out for their kick ons


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport again this weekend .


Bit of an audio glitch going to that ad break :stuck_out_tongue:


Tim Hipsley has been doing sports reporting for 10 Melbourne (not sure how long he has been doing this)?
He left 10 Sydney in February and started as a freelance associate producer for Sports Tonight in July based in Melbourne.


Looks like 10 have snatched another one
Chris Bath for weekends @ 5pm

Shame no local news, but a great pick up and replacement for Tarsh


10 doing some great things (and not so great) at the moment, nice pick up there.

She will present 10 News First every Saturday and Sunday, replacing colleague and friend Natarsha Belling, who has taken a spot on Studio 10, the CBS-backed network’s morning program.

Bath will also make regular appearances on The Project news panel and Studio 10, as well as contributing to 10 Daily.

With her son Darcy, 18, now old enough to take care of himself, the veteran news reader said she was lured to Ten because of its non-toxic culture and “vibe”.

Bath’s new role will be in addition to her radio commitments which include Evenings with Chris Bath on ABC Radio Sydney.

Paywall story here:



Sully & Bath under the same roof. This will be fantastic! Origin sledging will be so much better!


This was predicted a year ago… Bathie is a big pick up.


Bathie would make a good anchor for a 10 Federal election coverage.


What a get. Brilliant.



Great that 10 is maintaining with women at the forefront of all their bulletins.


The time has finally come!

What an absolutely brilliant get for the network.


Too bad no one will see her.


Woah. 10 really picking up massive talents this week. First PVO now Chris Bath. They’re back in business.