Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Hasn’t been for some time since Phoebe Bowden and Jonathan Lea both moved to Canberra, though she did do some fill in work there recently while I think it was Jonothan was on holidays.


They don’t seem to know who they are - traditional conservatives (PVO) or socialists (Lisa Wilkinson and Waleed Aly).


Negativity is exactly what twitter is for :joy:


PVO comes down more in the middle IMO. He’s economically conservative but socially progressive on a lot of issues.

He’s too economically right wing for some lefties but also too socially progressive for a lot of Sky’s rusted on right wing audiences.

I don’t think he was particularly biased to any side or party when I watched him on Sky.


He was like Speers, Gilbert and Jayes…pretty much down the line with the occasional slant. He certainly didn’t fit the screaming banshees mould at night.


I know 10 has stated they are trying to regain their “wild-child” image, but with the same brand language filtering in their Corporate Press Releases comes across as this imo:



The thing I don’t really get about 10’s new ‘edgy’ take on things and their newly relaunched flagship news service is that the overall news look and feel still skews older IMO - there’s nothing really young or different looking to it at the moment in it’s current form.


I’m assuming that there are still a lot of changes to come next year.


Absolutely, but I don’t think they’ll be re-launching (maybe tweaking) their newly revealed news package so soon and to me that’s where the disconnect lies between this edgy new 10 and their older skewing 5pm news.


Some of the Sky News Commentators didn’t like PVO. Especially Ross Cameron, Rowan Dean and Mark Latham (when all three Outsiders were together).


It’s all relative. When they say a “younger 10” they don’t really mean young young… Young people aren’t watching and aren’t interested in scheduled linear television. That’s a shrinking market and it makes no sense to target it.

Therefore when they say “young” they mean over 40.

News at 5 will always skew older for a couple of reasons; (1) young people don’t watch news, they never have and (2) the audience available at 5 is older. Younger people, even over 40s are at work or commuting.

Where 10 has fhe possiblity of being “younger” is in its streaming content and catch up services. And that will depend on what’s on offer and whether they can make it available as fast as other platforms, preferably faster.

And yes, before anyone says it, this post contains generalisatuons. But they’re still true.


All the more reason to live PVO


This is spot on.

PVO would call out stupidity wherever he saw it on either side of politics,

He is hardly a conservative.

Plus he has the contacts and the knowledge to add value to 10’s political content in news and programs and that’s crucial in this social media world.


Ten needed a political editor and if they couldn’t get Speers, Gilbert or someone from ABC then PVO would be the next best. It’s a good get for them.


When and who was the last political reporter for Ten?


You mean political editor? I think it was Hugh Riminton, and before him Paul Bongiorno.


Surprised he wasn’t brought back considering he still has some presence on 10.


He’s in his seventies, let him enjoy his retirement in peace.


Didn’t realise that was the case. Thought he was younger!


Well when Hugh first joined ten he became political editor and paul bongirono was still there as national affairs editor. They had quite a presence in Canberra until people came in and sacked everyone.