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It’s almost like a parody! That’s laughable! :joy: I was thinking how Tim Bailey would present today given the circumstances, wasn’t expecting that lol


Elsewhere on 10… Georgina McKerrow and Amber Austin-Wright are on location up north for the fires.


Tim’s reply to Tom’s claims he was putting it on tonight, I think calling him a fraud is a bit much…


Mr Bailey tends to be a rather sensitive soul quite often on social media.


He’s always had a glass jaw. Must suffer from Napoleon syndrome. It was over the top and not needed. He was called out for it and should actually correct his behavior. People died in the storm and here’s this buffoon carrying on with an umbrella. He should’ve been moved on from the network years ago.


Usually Tim Bailey’s actions can be supported. Sydney has had an array of popular weathermen who have included antics of gags and puns in their report; taking light of the segment. Brian Bury springs to mind.

I think the decision of relocating Tim from his weatherwall to outdoors is commendable. If you have headquarters that overlooks the city, why wouldn’t you? Particularly when his weather report isn’t as informative as David Brown.

I thought Bailey’s inclusion of his dog was utterly ridiculous but last night’s performance topped it all. Totally inappropriate and sensationalist. In fact, I think he needs to offer an apology. When many of his colleagues attended voice coaching and worse some were made redundant, his position should be on the line.


For context, here’s Tim’s full report from the rooftop. You can clearly see that at least at the start of the report, the wind was gusting quite powerfully. TBH, I don’t know where all these accusations of him “putting it on” came from. People that’ve never held an umbrella maybe.


Besides Tom Steinfort, there were actually very few comments about Bailey “putting it on”. The one or two that were made were after the cross earlier in the bulletin. The majority of the comments were about how ridiculous it was to be standing out there struggling with the umbrella, not that he was bunging it on.


I vividly remember when he bagged a Grand Finale edition of The NRL Footy Show on Twitter about two or three years back.

Although such criticism wasn’t entirely undeserved, I still couldn’t help but think about the irony of Sydney’s worst TV weather presenter criticising a program on social media!

I agree.

Although I don’t think the length of Brian Bury’s Sydney weather presenting stints quite compares with those of Alan Wilkie and Mike Bailey who successfully spent decades sticking to a “straight and to the point” style of weather presentation. It’s obviously the aim of Graham Creed & David Brown with their forecasts as well.

Tim Bailey on the other hand? For presenting the weather on a main evening bulletin (rather than breakfast TV where such a light-hearted approach may be appropriate), he’s just an absolute embarrassment. Southern NSW/ACT viewers waiting for WIN News to come on surely must groan and cringe at his forecasts?!


The main objective of a weather presentation is to provide an analysis and forecast. Unfortunately, with Bailey, so much is going on that often the objective is lost in the mayhem. Rewind ten years and he was actually pretty good when he presented from different locations.


Didn’t realise she was back from whatever she was doing in the UK.


Keep up Sully, she’s been posted about numerous times in this thread over the last 6 months or so with her coverage from Thailand with the cave rescues, filling in for Georgina Lewis, news updates, reporting from Darwin last month etc.


Thursday -

Emma Lawrence is presenting sport in Sydney again tonight.


Thursday (29.11.2018): Veronica Eggleton is presenting Brisbane sport with Pippa Sheehan still on the weather (a great team, really).




It’s not hard to find reports done from under umbrellas for that Sydney storm :wind_face:


Phoebe Bowden is in Argentina at the moment for the G20 summit.


Tim’s gone to the dogs.


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport again this weekend.


Peter van Onselen has joined Ten as the new federal political editor in Canberra starting next Monday. He will report across all of Ten’s news/talk programs and online.

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