Ten News First Presenters and Reporters




Think that’s more the Seven attitude.


Sandra was at the Walkley Awards.


Alan Murrell presenting in Adelaide tonight.


Perth - Michael Schultz will take time off 10 News next week.


Georgia Love presenting Weather on the special edition of 10 News First Melbourne tonight


Emma Lawrence presented sport on 10 News First this weekend.


Jennifer Keyte presenting again tonight.


With Caty Price presenting sport and Georgia Love presenting the weather in Melbourne.


Monday (26.11.2018) - Friday (31.11.2018): Pippa Sheehan is presenting Brisbane weather this week.


Wednesday -

Candice Wyatt presenting news updates in Melbourne today.


Stephen Quartermain is presenting Melbourne bulletin tonight.



Tim Bailey is presenting the weather from the roof of Channel 10’s weather centre in Sydney.


Stephen is also presenting Melbourne sport tonight in addition to news.


And is being crucified on social media for his dramatisation.


Were the over the top theatrics needed with that fucking umbrella?


The first one was before tonight’s forecast, but still worthy of inclusion:

I’d agree with this completely unbiased tweet…if the network he worked for had a primary and/or secondary weather presenter who we could actually say is more than slightly better than Tim Bailey:


Jesus he copped a hammering. He’s such a fool. Clearly they would’ve preferred some sort of credibility in such a segment given people have died in the horrific weather.


For this occasion, I think it would’ve been better if he stayed in the studio.


Maybe to show how windy it is. Tom Steinfort is hardly the arbiter of ethics.


Wednesday -

Emma Lawrence presented sport in Sydney tonight.