Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


There are countless members of this forum that are have proven themselves apt at making fake or sockpuppet Twitter accounts before so it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody off here is responsible… It’s so dumb though, what would they think would happen?


no worries. it’s often difficult to bite my tounge and let some things go through to the keeper, but I do what I can ;).


Sunday -
Lachlan Kennedy is presenting Ten News First with Emma Lawrence presenting sport and Kate Freebairn presenting the weather again tonight.


I thought it was TV Cynic.


Sunday -
Hugh Riminton reporting from Washington.


A year ago, we wouldn’t have seen Hugh Riminton or Candice Wyatt filing reports from overseas.

Hopefully with this push, we see a permanent position open up for a correspondent in America.


Given the CBS Ownership, Working At their News Division in the US for an Aussie is Massive.


As opposed to which other news tonight?


What do you mean which other news?


Georgie heading home.


My god. Has he missed this whole thread? :thinking:



Not only is Georgie a great presenter, she is also stunning.


One of the best. Prefer her over most of the presenters we have here in Sydney. Fantasic Anchor.


Monday & Tuesday -
Caty Price presenting sport in Melbourne.


It is so good to have Georgie back tonight!


Monday & Tuesday -
Amanda Hart presented the weather in Sydney tonight.


Gas leak in TVQ.


What happened? Did an experiment go wrong in the Scope bunker?

But in all seriousness, I do hope everyone’s OK!


nothing serious from what I hear…