Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


I fully expect Nine to run feature about they were the first to have a First On Nine watermark. :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes sense though, 7 would no doubt be first to most jobs rather than 10. They’re bulletin airs an hour earlier.


Not to mention that Seven (including their news, I’d imagine) was on the air for about 29 years before Ten came onto the Perth TV scene! :wink:


I underatand that but audibly vo saying the words “first”…never heard it before.


Friday -
Caty Price is presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Saturday -
Lachlan Kennedy is presenting 10 News First tonight.



Hugh Riminton is in the United States for the US Mid-Terms.

Doesn’t appear to be filing from a CBS bureau though, his VO clearly came from a hotel room.


(3-4/11/2018) Kate Freebairn is presenting the weather this weekend.


First time on a national bulletin?


She has presented the weather on weekends in the past.


I believe Kate has presented it in the past around those 2 weeks where the local bulletins switch to the national bulletin.


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport this weekend.


What a great national team tonight.


For what it is worth, there are so many better options for 10 This Morning: Natarsha Belling, Sarah Harris, Matt Doran, Hamish MacDonald, Lisa Wilkinson, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Sandra Sully, Gorgi Coghlan, Matt White.

Obviously, Ten won’t be entering the breakfast market any time soon (if ever again).


I would keep branding consistent.

‘10 News First on this Morning [insert day and date]’.

I’d also go down the route of a soft launch rolling bulletin. See Lexington and my comments in Mock Schedules.

Attempting to go all in, and go big will lead to failure ala Wake Up and co.


never say never.


That’s what I’m thinking. Someone is leaking and there is some truth to the rumours etc. They just don’t feel ready to roll with it.


nah, they’ve got a lot of other things to think of before adding to the portfolio.


@lexington thanks for all the info over the last few weeks. sometimes you don’t get enough credit on here.

Keep up the good work.