Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


That Sydney background looks lighter maybe.

Alan Murrall presenting in Adelaide today. Assume Rebecca is in Sydney.


Stretched out more due to green screen. Did the same in Brissy a few years back:


Looks like a key.


Wednesday -
Stephen Quartermain is presenting in Melbourne with Caty Price presenting sport.


Guessing all main presenters are at the UpFronts in Sydney.


Alan Murrell is presenting tonight’s Adelaide bulletin.

Kate Freebairn all dressed up for Halloween


Mike Larkan presenting from Old Melbourne ‘Goal’ for Halloween.


is he a Friday the 13th version of Michael Myers?


How good is this, Georgina Lewis circa 1995. Love the ten logo!


Back when Ten o&od their affiliates in North Queensland. Golden Era for local news.


Naturally brown hair! Who would of thought!


Chiara Zaffino said in the latest News Update that Narelda Jacobs will be presenting in Perth tonight, arriving back in Perth from last night’s Upfronts.


Joe, Jono and Josh back in Queensland tonight (Veronica Eggleton presented sport last night).


Triple J.


Understandably there was a lot of focus on the new On-Air Presentation, but what I’d like to know is which private high school uniform Tim Bailey was wearing in his first “10 News First” forecast. Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hadn’t watched Ten News for months before tonight. When Bailey popped up all I could focus on was the fact his sweaty head looks like an over ripe tomato.


Candice Wyatt is doing excellent work with her coverage this week.


7news in Perth no jokes have made a promo emphasising the word “first” in their promo. Have not seen or heard it before. Typical 7 knobs getting upset already! Haha!!


It was the other way around AFAIK. Telecasters North Queensland (Ten Queensland) was a shareholder in Ten Network


Thats actually old, they update it regularly and it has the First Transition so no its not in spite of the Ten refresh.