Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Natarsha Belling back presenting this weekend.


Saturday -
With Brad McEwan presenting sport.


Sunday -
Emma Lawrence presenting sport.


Narelda, Tim and Michael celebrating 10 years presenting Ten News Perth.

Appears Candice Wyatt is in Jakarta also:



Chiara Zaffino is presenting in Perth.

and the mention at the end of the Perth news yesterday with the presenters celebrating 10 years of presenting together.


Could you please upload it if you could, missed it last night. :stuck_out_tongue:


Letisha Marambio did a live cross on The Project tonight and I saw her reporting on the Geoffrey Rush court case. She is a great reporter.

With some strong ratings on a nightly basis and a top newsreader.



Narelda likely en route to Sydney for the upfronts.

Nice little mention in the closer of their 10 year celebrations, some good consistency there!


How is it “Team Ten Perth” managed to escape the on air talent purges and bloodletting that befell east coast stations under the rule of Murdoch and his henchmen?


because they already were a lean operation. because there was no fat to cut… and because they were partly the model used for the east coast stations.


And outrating Perth’s Nine News at 6PM who have had 6 presenting changes in those 10 years.


Craig Smart:




Time for a change though. Not Narelda. The other two bozos.


It’s everyday bro


don’t go into the Japanese woods


Wednesday -
Caty Price is presenting news updates in Melbourne today.


Hugh presenting afternoon updates today here in Sydney I’m guessing also 5pm News.

  • One of the last.


Is that backdrop different or am I going mad?