Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Pippa Sheehan doing updates in Brisbane today, she’s a great reporter but looks quite stilted here in the vision, maybe newsroom updates would’ve been better for her.


I think for her second day she did very well… and kudos to TEN for rotating it around.


Clare Barnes has come a long way since she started with Ten and I think she would make a good presenter also with some experience.


I didn’t think she was stilted at all…


I’d like to see more of Pippa - I think she has star quality.


Seems former Ten Eyewitness News and most recently ABC News journalist Antionette Lattouf is doing some freelance work for Ten again and writing some articles for ten daily.



Sandra Sully will be presenting tonight’s news? Judging by the epg. Wouldn’t be surprised with the royal wedding happening.


I’m guessing they’ll run Royal Wedding Updates throughout the night, with some big plugs for the TenDaily live stream.


That EPG is not always correct and hasn’t been updated in a while… but she might be presenting tonight.


Natarsha is presenting tonight


I like that Tarsh does these updates for her social channels.


The plasmas work well with standing presentation, should happen more often.


Hmm ‘ Ten News at five ‘ does Tarsh always say that or is it just recent?


R E L A U N C H ?


Lachlan Kennedy is presenting News,Natarsha is hosting on The Sunday Project tonight.


And Jonathan Williams and Josh Holt are presenting sport and weather tonight respectively.


Josh presenting national weather from Brisbane tonight.


Great that they’ve been able to fall back on Brisbane presenters for the weekend bulletins on a couple of occasions now with them obviously willing to fill in where necessary, one would’ve thought if Sydney couldn’t fill these roles that they may go to Melbourne next as usually happens with the other networks.


That angle reminds me of the frequently used post-opening shot in the old BBC News studio. It’s beyond me why they don’t try do this for the bulletins. Natarsha’s position there could work well as a standing presentation point for top stories and for introducing special stories.

Obviously the BBC spent more than Ten on their set but this set was first used in 2008 (and even earlier)… Ten should be capable of something similar with three plasmas a decade later.


That BBC set looks amazing. Our networks should take a look.