Ten News First Presenters and Reporters

Nice assumption. But not what I was referring to at all.

Care to elaborate then?

Prior posts was all relating to the possible changes in presenter and presenting location, so one would’ve naturally thought you were replying to that rather than a vague post about something else.

Anyway, aren’t you from Perth originally? One would’ve thought you’d have some opinion on this, which I’m sure is what you probably meant with your original comment.

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TV Blackbox understands the move to reactive the Perth studio is a temporary move at this stage, with Charlotte Goodlet expected to take over the Perth presenter role when she returns from maternity leave.



Thee switch on promos are terrible. They tell us nothing about the brand and doesn’t position news in any way to be in the mind of the viewer. They persist with this shit.


Kate Freebairn presented Adelaide’s bulletin once again from Adelaide tonight.


When did Brendan Crew move back to 10 Perth?

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One has got to wonder how much TEN saved axing the Perth and Adelaide news presentation in the first place?? Given the studio integrations being done from Melbourne and Sydney, the actual studio crew in Perth and Adelaide would have been a couple of presenters and maybe a camera op.

TEN have previously been successful with the Talent Only Small Space Studio where others have failed but its a shame the staff have not derived any benefit for getting it working.

The consolidation effectively “saved” on 2 control room crews (Bris & Mel’s late shift) and all the DVN paths (say $2m a year saved?)


That sum sounds large but compared with the sales turnover its minor.

In early 2000 my job took me out to NEW10 at Dianella just after the staff were told the station was not going to be digitised and was going to be networked from Sydney. The staff were miserable and worried for their futures. 23 years later and the bouncing around is still going on.

People get sick of this stuff - half a dozen RF techs that did the regional TV transmitters in WA all resigned on mass a few years after this and went to the iron ore when some of the mines restarted. Again it was miserable treatment from management that led to this.

At least TV seems to provide a consistent employee experience through the years.


Estelle Lewis is back in Perth, previously with 10 News First Melbourne. Not sure how long she has been back in Perth.

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Friday (17.03.2023): Ursula Heger is presenting in Sydney and Brisbane tonight. Paris Martin on weather.

Saturday (18.03.2023): Paris Martin presenting weather this weekend.