Ten News First Presenters and Reporters

News aye?

New information. A large event in a large city. Yes, that is news.

If any sports game can make news, a arts/cultural experience should.


It’s really not. This is more Today Extra/ The Morning Show content.

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Fashion is a huge industry and AFW brings millions into the economy. Of course it’s news, don’t be so ridiculous.

It also doesn’t preclude those shows you mention from covering it.


Report on 9 News from last year, and 7 News last week.

Both Sydney based bulletins, featuring in the 6pm news no less.

It’s stil news.


Gee the bar is lower than I thought.

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Great. Let’s take our all sport, any big events (Vivid, concerts), and anything that is remotely a colour story :clown_face:

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Is it really necessary to call me a clown just because I have a differing opinion?

The unnecessary name calling and “little digs” at people who have different views is growing around here.

not so much as bar lowering, as time to fill.

With one hour bulletins they need to fill them with something, and commercial news isn’t going to go down the path of more international stories as per SBS World News.

So you could argue, is there room for it in a one hour bulletin, yes; in a half hour, maybe not.

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Then don’t do an hour bulletin if you have to fill it with shit.

Sometimes I really miss the 6pm bulletins being short, sharp 30 minutes.


No arguments here


You’ll be pleased Seven News this afternoon had a long story on the start of Australian Fashion Week too. :joy:

Lucky viewers! :joy:

A insight into the aspirations of some 10 reporters around the country

With a $100m Powerball jackpot on offer tonight, we decided to survey the 10 News First team to find out how they would spend the money.

Spoiler: It's not what you'd expect. pic.twitter.com/MdYGPjX5Zr

— 10 News First (@10NewsFirst) May 16, 2024</block

Brendan Smith featured in CM article in QWeekend

A Brisbane TV identity and his partner of four years have opened up on the “awkward” moment they realised they were in love.

Where is sport coming from tonight?

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Looked like Melbourne. Honeslty, sometimes their weekend staffing options are bizarre. They really can’t plan properly.


Surely stick someone outside Suncorp? Scottie Mac is away in NZ with 10 Football (should have been back today though tbf).

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Steph Baumgartel in Melbourne


It’s not that bad? If they really wanted to cheaply do it, they could have had no sports presenter at all.

Great opportunity for Steph to present nationally, and you never know what might’ve happened… she might’ve been in the newsroom and had to step in at the last minute.

How many times has it come from interstate before, I don’t even recall the last time. Bit of a non issue really.