Ten News First Content and Appearance


In all honesty it can’t be both ways imo. There is always an outcry on here that 10 needs to add a 6PM broadcast. Yet when they extend it, it appears to be an issue.


Fantastic coverage by 10, I had no need to switch over to the other channels tonight. Great job 10!


Let’s not forget that the last time Ten tried (and failed with) the News At Five/Six split, 6pm bulletins on both Seven & Nine ran for 30 minutes while current 10 News First Weekend presenter Chris Bath was lead weeknight anchor of Seven News Sydney.

Realistically it’s not going to happen (along with many other things I’d like to see on TV) but if there was actually a 6pm edition with Bathie or Hugh presenting, I’d probably watch it over the absolute mess that is currently Seven News Sydney although it’d probably take some high profile poachings to get myself and many Sydneysiders away from Nine News because TCN has most of the market’s top presenters/reporters.


The Perth Bulletin also went for half an hour more tonight, with Sport being broken up into two sections.

Tim Gossage: “Sports, Part II”

Good to see their commitment to News coverage slowly returning, but sadly on a day of horrific circumstances.


Well Ten Sydney is about halfway through Muriel’s Wedding. I guess the 10:45 bulletin will be more like a 5 minute newsbreak?


Isn’t it scheduled to finish at 10:47, what happened?


“This is a special edition of 10 News First” voice over to open this bulletin.


Video here


sandra sully should be commended they way she just presented the christchurch shooting up date . she seemed so sinecer


She talked Australia through 9/11. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Love Sandra Sully!!


Quite a good broadcast tonight although the closing theme was incredibly loud and sudden.
It’s times like this when I wish they still had a sombre version of the news theme.


Ten News Queensland ran a sombre piece of music to lead into the first break and the rest of the days news.


I wonder if they’ve got a sombre version of the main theme? If not they should definitely get onto it!


TV Tonight has posted the rattings for the extended 6pm bulletin last night.


So basically, a third of the audience disappears like they always do at 6pm and that portion rates about a quarter of Seven and Nine.


It actually didn’t do too bad. It was up on Pointless figures.


So as long as it increased from what pointless was doing it’s a win for ten. So it didn’t hurt anyone that they ran an extended bulletin.


One can only say for sure if it’s like this all the time. Last night would be classified as a ‘special coverage’ as viewer interest would be at a high due to yesterday’s events.

Though it still shows that they’re committed to news, which is excellent to see.


Not only did it rate significantly better than Pointless, it helped boost the Project to its best Friday of the survey at both 6.30 and 7.00


The 7pm portion appeared in all 3 demos as well.