Ten News First Content and Appearance


So when it says standing by that literally means standing! :open_mouth:


Graphics blooper

Same for the next story

Switched to a different shot after


I was gonna make that joke :roll_eyes:

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I bloody love this use and interaction with the set. It’s something 7 we’re never able to do/get right.
Ten has done a bloody good job in this set.


In Sydney ten have held over local news content for the 6pm half hour that wasn’t used in the first hour.


Special bulletin tonight at 10:45pm


Wow… big for ten to be doing this sort of stuff. Great revived commitment. This wouldn’t have happened in the dark years


Melbourne sport presented live from the Grand Prix tonight and Adelaide sport presented live from Hindmarsh Stadium for the soccer.

Good to see.


I think we may see TEN re-entire the 6PM slot with news soon. It’s a given.


They just announced a new game show for the slot…


maybe for the weekend news


If this were to be permanent or they are to do this again, I would leave weather and especially sport until 6.20pm. Having news continuing over 5.45pm, would stop the switch over, IMO.


Yes - in Brisbane there was some extension of the weather past 6pm and then “after the break” for further coverage of Christchurch - should have kept going.


Did anyone record Sydney’s news tonight?


Brisbane just had one of those news preview supers come up during Graham Norton advertising the 5pm news and extended bulletin, maybe it was meant to promote the additional bulletin later tonight? Strange.

A news update with Sandra Sully aired shortly after with fresh information, however no mention about the news bulletin later tonight.




I think Chiara just said to Perth viewers that there will be a special edition of 10 News at 7.45pm


They never learn do they?

People will switch to Seven and Nine at 6pm like they always do and now whatever is left of Pointless’ audience have as well.


they can’t just sit there and let Seven and Nine chew into their audience at 6pm.