Ten News First Content and Appearance


Not sure if there’s a better way to shoot it, but the shot of Sandra sitting down after the opening headlines comes off as “whoops, she was too slow walking, she’s already meant to be seated”.

It’s a nice idea, but there must be a way to pull it off that doesn’t look disjointed.


Pre-rec the headlines?


They need to keep Bailey away from the desk during the close, also. He always ends up doing something goofy and inappropriate as they’re played off such as tripping over the set and high-fiving Sully.


Why don’t they let him back on location? Mike Larkan only ever spent a couple of weeks inside before they basically just had him follow the live eye during the dark days so he wouldn’t have to stay inside.

Surely they can let Bailey outdoors again now? Even sent him to the roof and lock the door.


He won’t be going on location for a long time.

Gotta show off that fancy set while it’s still fresh.


Remember how Tim Bailey made a fool of himself on the roof while covering a major storm event (unfortunately, not for the first time either) that someone died in a few months back?

Yeah, it’s occasions like that which make me thankful that Ten usually keep him in the studio these days.


Agree. This week, I can’t recall Sandra being shown walking to the desk. She’s done live crosses each night right after the headlines and been seated by the time the the report has finished. Chris Bath on the weekend read the headlines and introduced the first story while standing. She was seated when next on camera. Perhaps they’ve abandoned the walk. It’s an accident waiting to happen.


Maybe they should rethink the headlines. Maybe have her stand at the far left and a circle pops up with a headline. She then takes 2 steps to the next circle that pops up, then walks further right to the 3rd circle, etc. could be a cool reverse of what they are trying to do. When she gets to the end they go to the title card and then it’s the usual standing presentation?


“Extended” bulletin tonight.


I shall wait and see what “extended” means. A 90 minute edition or just the normal 60 minute bulletin.


90 minute bulletin


A missed opportunity to start live coverage before 5pm, which can then lead into the 5pm bulletin.


Don’t really think they need to. Nine and 7 have been running their afternoon news post their rolling coverage.
Ten will have all of the facts and updates including the press conference at 5pm. Seven and Nine have been in repeat mode for the last hour if not longer.


Will rate more than pointless so it doesn’t matter. They are crewed up to extend 90mins so it won’t hurt them.
If they get 1 more viewer than pointless it was worth it.

It also goes a way to re-establishing their news commitment.


60 minute bulletin extended to 60 minutes. Hmm.


I said I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a 90 minute edition or a 60 minute one.


Hope someone tells Bailey to calm his farm tonight.


He shouldn’t be on air tonight.


Adelaide starting with standing presentation tonight (same as mid-bulletin headline recap). I don’t think they’ve ever opened with that before. Looks good.

Edit: Caps

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