Ten News First Content and Appearance


Well, we know where will she stand during the start:

  • If the beginning top story has a live cross, she stands on the rightmost part of the screen to walk further to the small vertical screens.

  • Otherwise, she’ll just stand on the left side to save a few seconds of walking to the desk.


Also, in this post, Paul Barry acknowledged 10’s new screen (with a bit of Sully’s own blooper circled).


Last night:


10 are finally hiring Social and Engagment Producers for each state to join each newsroom respectively and handle the local 10 News First social accounts and to contribute to 10 daily.

It couldn’t come soon enough IMO, most of 10’s news based social accounts have been neglected and pretty formulated for far too long with just uploads of packages from the 5pm bulletins and it shows with fairly low engagment and their following due to the lack of resources in recent years.


All I think is dont fall dont fall :joy:


Anyone got the video of the walk back?


The resolution of the video wall is excellent in comparison to the video wall on The Chase.


I bet Sandra is also thinking “please don’t fall”.


National news


First time seeing it live tonight!!

Looks great


Yes, it’s an amazing set.
Looking forward to the role out nation wide.


Too much blue. Would be nice if they put something more interesting than solid blue on the vertical screens. The city images for the Sydney bulletin look much better and break up the blue a bit…


Some things still need work and attention:

  • A wideshot needs to be used when Sandra walks from the plasma to the desk in the opener. As she reads the intro, the camera should slowly zoom in from the wideshot.
  • The OTS graphic with a wider shot of Sandra/Chris looks cluttered, especially with the laptop. Either do a tight single presenter shot with the OTS graphic or just use the plasma one.
  • As Amanda Jason walked from the right side of the wall to the other side, as she was still talking to Chris, they should have kept Bath in shot. (Amanda uses the weather wall so much better than Bailey, BTW).
  • I think it is unnecessary to do every sport story standing. Maybe the lead but that is it.
  • After Roz threw back to Chris, the camera angle (which still kept Roz in it) as Chris teased the weather forecast was awkward.
  • Having a double presenter shot for the closer is weird.

I like how they did a overhead wideshot for the closer, though. Looked better than Sydney’s.


Good to see the use of the weather wall 7 days a week


HD montage of today’s bulletin


Queensland Montage from 14/2/2019:


Is this Sunday bulletin going out to Melbourne and Brisbane? It’s leading with NSW politics in a really localized story. Weird.


Not sure who is doing the Qld updates, as they aren’t appearing on screen, but it isn’t Chris Bath. So perhaps Qld is getting a local bulletin tonight.

Update: nope. Chris is presenting. NSW election first up.


Yeah, I get that the NSW Election is a pretty big deal here but surely it shouldn’t be the #1 story on a national bulletin? Because you can bet that any other state’s election news would be considerably further down the rundown.