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Watched the full Sydney bulletin tonight, first time in a while. It’s incredible to think that 1 year ago the bulletin was some dated looking, drab bulletin stuck in the 5pm corner, now it’s definitely by far Australia’s best-ever looking news bulletin and set. Everything is pure perfection, definitely has set a new, exceptionally high benchmark for Australian networks. Quite incredible considering it has always and still is a 3rd rating network. What a difference 1 year makes.


National Nine News and 60 Minutes were #1 for decades in the 80s and 90s with aging equipment.


That’s not how you’d usually describe Brian Henderson.


10 News First and indeed the network overall, definitely needs new studio/field equipment judging by the amount of new content (from the news services to the promotional department and even some general programming) which still goes to air in SD.

Of course I’m patient enough for these changes to be made but at the same time, really hope Ten will be able to do as much upgrading as they can this side of 2020.

This idea is probably more relevant 10 Daily than the TV products but if any quality ex-BuzzFeed Australia talent (of course those who haven’t already found employment at new media organisations - I know Seven has picked up Josh Taylor, but not sure about the others) let go as part of their recent worldwide layoffs can be picked up by Ten, that would be good.

Elsewhere, I’m sure there’s still talent currently underutilised at Seven & Nine who’s careers would likely thrive in rebuilt 10 Newsrooms. Just a few ideas for anyone important at the network who might be reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t want to be pessimistic but at the moment, I suspect it’ll be at least a few years before Ten are genuinely competitive against Seven & Nine in the ratings again.

That said, I genuinely hope Ten will be able to truly revitalise itself at some point in the future. It’d not only be good for the network, but the Australian television industry as a whole because a truly competitive marketplace would likely result in everyone (yes, even Seven & Nine) wanting to do better!

Yeah, but I’d bet that Nine News wouldn’t have had the ratings resurgence they had on the East Coast earlier this decade (the effects of which to some extent, can still be seen in the Sydney & Melbourne ratings to this day) if they didn’t go on a years long journey which would see equipment upgrades and other improvements made to the bulletin.

While the branding or visual appearance of a bulletin isn’t the be all and end all, I do think a certain level of quality needs to be maintained because consumers are ultimately attracted to stuff that looks attractive. There are a lot of things in this world that people probably wouldn’t buy if the branding wasn’t visually attractive so to a certain extent, a similar philosophy needs to be applied to commercial television news.

Sorry if I’ve bored everyone with yet another incredibly long post…


Seriously ten? This set is amazing but the use of it is terrible. Get it together guys. Shots are awkward, there is no flow, Hosts turning backwards.? Really…, this is so bad.


Yes, but Nine was also the #1 rated network.


One would hope.

I am impressed with what they accomplished with the Sydney set looks fantastic. Puts every other news service (Seven and Nine to shame).


Agreed. The Sydney set is the lounge room of 10, capable of hosting any programme, present or future. It should be appealing, comfortable and familiar, no matter who tunes in and when. And that’s how it should be. Top job 10.


10 News First featured on industry bible NewscastStudio


I have never minded hosts turning backwards. I hate it when they look like they are forced to look front on when they turn to monitors.


Exposure Group’s site has some technical specs and a rendered concept image of the new Sydney set - which they call “Network 10 Atrium set” https://exposuregroup.com.au/projects/3648

The main LED matrix module screen contains 8 million pixels at a P1.5 resolution (1.5mm gap between each pixel), while the upper blue strip screen (that Exposure Group themselves call a ticker!) is P2.5 (2.5mm gap betwen each of the 3 million pixels)

And the lower lightboxes are themselves constructed of LED matrix modules too. These use a lower P16 (16mm) resolution module, but even then there’s still 30,000 or so of these pixels.

I’ve seen P4 type LED modules up close before and they were pretty good, so P1.5 and 2.5 must be something else!

Here’s some of what Exposure Group has to say about the LED screens and set overall:

Network 10’s news set stretches 36m and features a 9m x 2.4m P1.5 screen with 8-million pixels, the largest of its kind in the country.

The set’s perimeter also includes five visual stripes, the top of which is a 3 million-pixel P2.5 high-resolution flexible ticker-type screen that can be fed with pictures and graphics to instantly change the theme or pass on breaking news information. The first installation of this type in the world.

The four lower stripes along with riser fronts and all elements of furniture can also be video mapped thanks to 152 universes of DMX control, 30,000 P16 LED pixels over 500 meters of LED pixel tape with 1300m of cable. The largest installation of its type in the Southern hemisphere.

Architectural features include 115 SQM of bent and toughened glass, spray painted finishes throughout.


It will be.


10 News First NZ.







Early traffic report today in red


was just a breaking live read… not a cross to the chopper.


10 daily streaming the Sydney bulletin on their Facebook page tonight, Sandra seen walking to the desk and sitting down after reading the headlines.


I like it!


I like the idea of it, I think it would look better cutting to the Birdseye view of the set and then cut to Sandra once she’s sat down. Or use a wide sweeping shot from a low angle.
That shot they used made it seem a bit awkward, they just need to get the shot execution right and it’ll look great!