Ten News First Content and Appearance


“We begin with some Breaking News…we’ll cross to our reporter on the scene”.

How can it be breaking news and you have a reporter on the scene? ‘Breaking News’ is becoming any news that has happened within the past 6 hours.


Seven Perth does this a fair bit, sometimes it’s “Breaking News” at 6pm, but had actually occured around 4pm or earlier sometimes.


See how much nicer the Opener looks when it’s presented live/in native HD?!

Another element which I don’t think we saw last night, use of the vertical screens for Live Crosses. More of this please, 10 News First:

What I personally hope to see less (or not anymore) of, OTS graphics:

Not sure about everyone else, but personally I think this style of Seated Story Presentation has far more visual impact:

Another timing fail - at least the location was spot on! :slight_smile:

Some more wideshots:

Another element we didn’t see in native HD last night, the cross to Sport (UPDATE: Sorry about the caps posted earlier which were from last Thursday! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:):

…lastly for now, they just managed to get a shot of all three presenters before fading out:


Stunning! I’m a sucker for a wide shot with cameras in view.

Has anyone recorded a montage in full HD? The videos I have seen are only in 480p :frowning:


I mean seriously, how GORGEOUS is that last shot.


Why are we talking about 10 doing breakfast again?


Like they are going to build that for one hour of news a day.


Didn’t you see the press release?

The new set will be home to 10 News First , Studio 10 and Sports Tonight and used by other 10 assets such as The Loop , RPM and 10 Daily .

Even without additional bulletins or a breakfast show (which I personally think shouldn’t happen while they don’t have fundamental basics such as local bulletins on weekends/major public holidays), that’s at least 4.5 hours of airtime each weekday.


Didn’t you see my post? :wink:

I said one hour of news.


I think we got that, but its a multipurpose set, not specifically a news-only set.
While we would all love to see them introduce more news bulletins, I’m sure this set will have a great run for other shows as mentioned by @SydneyCityTV


I’m sorry but my original point still stands. If you think making shows like freaking RPM and The Loop there justifies the whole thing - as in, specifically, zero plans for any more news bulletins (as per your argument) - then I think you are very mistaken. This is definitely a strategy involving more news - is my point.


Fair point then :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still not buying the “this new set has been made with new bulletins/programs in mind” argument. In this day and age when all the networks have to produce far more content than ever before on a lower budget and with fewer resources than they had in the past, it probably just makes sense for them to build large screen dependent, multipurpose sets with a variety of program genres in mind. Ten’s new one at Pyrmont is something that’s probably been made to last a decade.

Besides, look at the other networks. Seven more or less uses a single set at Martin Place for Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition & their Sydney-based news bulletins. Nine currently has three main news/current affairs studios (with smaller set-ups for regional bulletins and live crosses) at Willoughby, but at North Sydney I’d probably expect them to have two multipurpose sets for the oodles of content they produce. The ABC & SBS also have sets which are made with multiple programs/bulletins in mind.



Let’s keep speculation out of this thread until we have CONFIRMED a return to breakfast news for 10.


There’s a lot more pressing concerns than creating new challenges.

Things like decade old studio equipment, decade old field equipment, under staffed news rooms and struggling ratings.

How about they fix 3 of those things first.


Those 3 smaller screens on the right look like the ones that were on the Melbourne set up until the relaunch.

Overall it’s a bloody fabulous setup. I’m very impressed and love the use of the set to tell the story.


They are still on the Melbourne set.
You can sometimes see them in the closer wideshot but they are never used during the bulletin oddly enough.

I’ve mentioned that they’ll probably make use of them when the new set comes along.


Pretty sure they removed them the other week. It was mentioned in here that the area is just black now


That looks like ‘free’ advertising for 10’s LED matrix module (and/or matching controlling equipment) supplier :wink:

Shenzhen Jingcan Opto-Tec Co.,Ltd (who worked out the typo? :wink: ). There are some expensive looking products on their site! :money_mouth_face:


Interesting if true.

They can be seen in the closer here https://youtu.be/FFUTy4gVI0w

So if they have been removed after this date then that’s news to me! :stuck_out_tongue: