Ten News First Content and Appearance


From above as seen on Studio 10


I love that the LED strips in the desk can change colour. I wonder if they will turn red for breaking news :rotating_light:


I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but here goes - I’m not warming to the new set in terms of how it’s used for Ten News First. I agree with what Nicholas said in the Studio 10 thread that the set is perfect for that show because it takes full advantage of it. However, the set feels overly big when it comes to the news being based out of it because it only uses a portion of the set (the newswall, desk and the two vertical screens behind the desk)

It reminds me of the set the BBC used for their main bulletins between 2006 and 2012 in that it looked better when it was used for Breakfast because it used the entire set (at least initially) whereas the 1/6/10 O’Clock bulletins only used a small fraction of it:

I understand and appreciate that 10 needed to build a big set because it’s being used as a multi-purpose one for numerous programs. My point is that the set works better for some programs than it does others


why not have some space to spread things out and avoid having the same shots for an hour?


I think if they moved the desk away from that corner and towards the middle of the massive screen then it would be perfect.


I can only imagine that it’s pretty warm around that screen.

Glad to see the set still has people operating the cameras…


I suspect it will and this is probably the backdrop for the set in “Breaking News mode” (cap from the time-lapse):

Also, looks like they do intend on using the led panels atop the backdrop to scroll information/news across:

I can’t wait to see that in action.


Hopefully we’ll get to see that ticker in action during rolling news coverage on Studio 10 etc.

ps. Would make a terrific early breakfast news set :wink:


Wow. Really gives a sense of the sheer SCALE of the set in this shot here.

I’m excited! Looking really forward to seeing how they utilize this space and the set.


You could have weather on the wall… then on the couch have Sarah next to the news host.

Thanks blah blah, coming up today … all that and more, Studio 10 starts right after the break.

3 min break to switch over studio crews and you’re away.


Matt was sitting tonight while presenting sport. Personally preferred last night when he was standing.


Absolutely. That desk is made for breakfast television news. I’d do a two header, then chatting to Studio10 on the couch at 8.20. Then reset.


The tricky thing would be switching the control room over to Studio 10 mode… 3 minutes is very tight for a regular thing.


Anjali Rao and Anna Kooiman. Why not? They have more spark than Georgie and Deb.

And the accent is something different - kinda like Ten.


Breaking Opener in QLD tonight.


I haven’t been able to look at any other set the same way now since seeing 10 Sydney’s :joy:


Neither have I!
That set Ten has gone ahead and produced is nothing short of world class. Make no mistake, I thought Nine had set the benchmark with its news sets … but Ten’s is something else.

It’s a beautiful set with endless opportunities. Well done Ten.

Give it two months and there will be a new bulletin. Make no mistake of that.


Could First Thing be a breakfast name for 5:30-8:30?


Matt was still standing tonight. He only sits to tease sport before the break.


Or First Word. There really are endless opportunities for something a bit radical and stand-out in a tough crowd that says, hey, we are a fun, simple Ten News show in the morning - different from Sunrise, Today and ABC. The brand “First” lends itself to a catchy name for morning news. Sure, they could just go with “News First”. Or they could go with some kind of play on words - not too over the top but something good. But First Thing and Studio 10 do kind of work.