Ten News First Content and Appearance


How can everyone forget that Daily Bailey has one job: Pumpin’ it out on prime, which is exactly what he did tonight. Prime will be pleased :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At his rate he will give Craig Revel Horwood a run for his money on Dancing with the Stars.


Yeah, I think I read somewhere (possibly even here on MS :slight_smile:) that when Adelaide’s news moved back to Adelaide, a number of producing/technical aspects remained in Melbourne … and with the 30 minute overlap, this had something to do with the reason Adelaide’s Eyewitness News set didn’t have the two larger screens and instead substituted them with printed photo panels (this still continues under 10 News First branding). Whether there were other factors etc in the no screen decisions, I’m not sure.

So aside from space issues, there’s the problem of how any additional screens etc would be controlled given these arrangements (and where all the extra equipment could go)


The new set was designed in partnership with the 10’s graphics team, led by David
Bernstein and The Exposure Group’s Vi Hermens. The software driving the screens
is Vizrt’s Multiplay.


I wonder how Perth will adapt the Sydney set into a considerably smaller space at their Dianella Subiaco studios compared to Pyrmont’s.


Ten haven’t been in dianella for a couple of years :thinking::thinking:
New studios are in Subaco


Think all the metropolitan stations will embrace the white big screen curvy block desk aesthetic on a smaller scale.

Ten Brisbane could also have another big screen where the weather green screen is, same with Ten Melbourne and Perth. Adelaide could have a smaller screen (Similiar size to SBS) and then show off a bit of the newsroom.


Corrected. :stuck_out_tongue:


A Smaller curved screen, a replica desk and on the side some lightboxes and a couple of vertical plasmas maybe for the local sets?


Whatever the next set will be for Adelaide, one thing for certain is that they’re definitely getting screens instead of lightboxes.


Yes, please! Adelaide’s set works well enough with its secondary presentation area (and a real screen! :open_mouth:) … but on the other hand they don’t have a lot to work with for major news etc. Ditching those lightboxes (and looking at Sydney as a template) will bring it up to a whole new level.


Another note, I love the camera sweep during the first cross between Sandra and the reporter reporting on the fires. Were there any other mentionable camera angles/sweeps?


it’s amazing what some nice wide angle lenses can do.

correct, but they made it work. With some changes to the office plan though, they have some space to create a new set - pushing everything back against the wall (behind the current set) and swinging everything around 180 degrees.

Perth’s is a shoebox too, but all markets could make the vertical plasmas and big screen behind the desk work. Maybe even a curved giant screen to encompass weather?


Watching the bulletin again I do think there are a couple of improvements that could be made -

  1. A piece of glass on the top of the desk.

  2. White borders around the two big screens on the left side (which I’m guessing are the screens off the old set given their size and relative dimness). They are a bit big and dark in the wide shots of the studio.

But it’s pretty damn close to perfection to be honest. Hopefully they can mix up the shots and movement around the studio over time, there is huge potential.

Already working on adapting it for other cities :smile:



They might just need to decrease the brightness of the 10 logo on the desk.


I’m impressed Ten.


My thoughts:

  • In all states, replacing 3 screens with one massive screen. Using those nice horizontal LED stripes along the entire set.
  • Melbourne: finally using the 2 screens on the right.
  • Perth: 2 vertical screens to replace the screen on the right, or just a long wraparound screen
  • Adelaide: only the massive screen. Standing area remains as is
  • Brisbane: Unsure what they will do here. Given the studio is used for other shows, they might use the current green screen area for a video wall, and on the LHS add 2 vertical screens in.
    As others have mentioned, Brisbane’s set isn’t actually huge, but good use of camera angles made it seem massive back in the 2011 days, and the same could be done again once they receive a new set.


Studio 10 ran a HD version of the time lapse. Angela said video wall is 9m long with 40 million pixels.


Presumably Studio 10 would have to be played out from a different control room to the news if that program is able to air pre-recorded content in native HD?


same control room, but I believe the “studio server” is used for news playout while an EVS is used for other programs.