Ten News First Content and Appearance


I reckon if somebody posted that weather segment on You Tube it would go viral. I’ve never laughed out loud during a weather report before. At one point it looked like Tim was taking a dump in the ocean.


I was thinking the same thing :joy:


Not to mention him being out of breath running back and foraward and wildly gesticulating with his arms. Did he have to kiss the fucken picture of the fish? Ffs just present the westher. The graphics on the screen look great. They’ve got a great look for the weather but the gnome fucks it all up.

Tongue-in-cheek mocks

Gamers, who wants a 22m² 5400 x 1440 display? Comes with premium streaming equipment. Contact Ten.


…as opposed to the alternative programming (which in 2019 is really multichannel fodder IMO) that Ten have aired on Election nights in recent years?

It should go without saying but any credible news service needs to be on-air with full coverage of major events that affect their viewers like Elections - state or federal. As it’s already been pointed out by myself and others on this forum, 10 News First (along with Studio 10 & The Project) have a number of high profile presenters/reporters who’ve had some form of experience with elections/political coverage.

Maybe it wouldn’t be #1 in the ratings, or even #2. But I’m fairly sure there are plenty of people out there who’d prefer to watch Election Night coverage fronted by the likes of Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Sandra Sully, Hugh Riminton, Chris Bath, Peter van Onselen, Lisa Wilkinson & Waleed Aly (perhaps not all of them would be involved in Election Night coverage, but you get a general idea of the type of on-air talent at Ten who’d probably be really good at it) than some of the pundits the other networks will roll out.


Intriguing! A New York GMA like ticker would look unbelievable!


The set is incredible! Not yet sold on the desk, feels more Studio 10 than news bulletin. My only gripe with the set is that standing presentation makes the presenters tiny, set scale is just a touch too big.

Could they also be planning to move The Project to Sydney? It certainly wouldn’t look half bad coming from this set!


What elements can be incorporated into the Melbourne set given the news studio at Como Building is so small?
10 needs to think about relocation to another Melbourne location in the long term.


The problem with this is some of the states don’t have another studio to relocate to during construction (except Melbourne). Will be interesting to see what they do. Plenty of potential in Brisbane.


I’d imagine that Ten in the other markets will get smaller scale versions of the Sydney set. For example, there probably wouldn’t be a couch area.

Brisbane might be able to get away with a version of the set that’s at/near Sydney-sized but I don’t think the others will. Certainly not Adelaide & Perth.


With the time difference Perth may relocate to Sydney while they build it.


Since 10 have now said they will build sets based around the new design, then I guess Melbourne will do a office refurb to increase the studio size (that is, if they keep it on the same floor), otherwise they could return back to the old bigger studio used pre 2014 which I figure would be the ideal scenario.

That studio could then be used for other shows hosted from Melbourne given how versatile this set is.


Brisbane’s studio is nowhere near the same size, and half of it is used for things other than news…

I’d say the green screen is out of Brisbane.


Thank you CBS.


After seeing Sydney’s new set, Adelaide’s looks incredibly small. The image below is Ten Eyewitness News V1 but the footprint is basically the same as the present set.

I’d welcome Adelaide set upgrades in the style of Sydney’s but I don’t know how they’ll pull it off given the size constraints :thinking:


How old are the current Ten News sets (and the previous Sydney set)?
Only one I know for sure is Perth.
Much appreciated!!


Both studios are very small in Melbourne. Even The Project studio is small for its production.

Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth will most likely incorporate the desk set up, without the couch and 9m length screen.

As stated previously, ATV10 really does need a new location in Melbourne.


They ain’t gonna be rolling out 36m wide sets around the country folks. I’d expect a rebuild within the existing studio footprints, new screen tech if we’re lucky.

I like everything about the set other than the furniture - the desk and couch are tacky as. Othwerwise, it is an incredibly useful multipurpose space that could work from breakfast to late night. If only they built it facing the other direction for a full 360 set with open newsroom…


I think the other cities will be more of a wink to Sydney rather than attempting to duplicate the scale of Sydney. You will get the new desk and some design elements, which is all they really need.


Yeah, admittedly I thought the TVQ studio in which the news is filmed was relatively big due to the size/scale of some previous sets. Maybe they just looked quite large on-screen!

I was half wondering if there could be the scope (well, not Lee’s science show - besides I actually rather like how that set is made to look a bit like a backyard bunker :slight_smile:) for a multipurpose set in Brisbane but a news-style set would be far too corporate looking for cheerful children’s television.

Yeah, I suspect Adelaide might be the last market to upgrade given their incredibly limited studio space.

Actually, despite @JohnsonTV’s suggestion that Ten Melbourne should relocate I think Ten Adelaide might need one even more because their current facilities weren’t originally intended to include a news set IIRC (was built/finished when Adelaide’s bulletin was still presented in Melbourne, if I’m not mistaken).

I think the main bones of Sydney’s old set dated back to 2011 (desk, originally for the ultimately short-lived Ten Evening News) and 2012 (three plasma set-up was introduced just after the axing of double headers at the end of that year, IIRC)?

The news set at Pyrmont saw several tweaks and elements added/removed between 2011 and last year that it’s been really hard to keep up!