Ten News First Content and Appearance


Sandra busted reading set reviews on media spy? :joy:


Thanks for this, killy06. Works great in VLC Media Player :slight_smile:


The new set has a very European feel to it I think.


7.8 million pixels on the big screen, Tim just said.


The weather wall is spectacular. If only the screeching gnome wasn’t doing his daily aerobics routine in front of it.


Why is this screaming midget doing squats instead of reading the weather?


How long do we think before Tim falls down those steps? This is dangerous… :rofl:


This is cringeworthy stuff. Do local viewers actually like this? Surely ratings would improve if they sent this guy back to Santa’s workshop?


I’m a local viewer and I love it.


Streamed ten sydney for the first ever time tonight. Had the gf scrunching her face, with a WTF reaction @ the gnome.


Loving Tim on the new Weather wall. This team really gel.

Studio 10 will also look great here. I assume they’ll cross to Tarsh at the desk?


Weather and closer


That desk is iconic.


Given where 10 have come from with absolutely 0 dollars, this is a fantastic investment in their product.

It may not be coming together at the pace most of you would like, but it takes time to research, commission and implement the technological changes involved with all of this.

That giant LED screen requires hardware itself, that’s a bigger priority than HD servers… which are also coming.


As a Sydneysider I personally prefer my weather presentation straight and to the point, as I suspect most of the market does.

I think tonight’s 10 News First forecast was a good example of what might happen if Nine News Sydney were to let Mike Dalton present the weather after drinking 10 litres of red cordial! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had to drive home. Finally caught up!

My god. THAT is a world class set and it seriously puts Seven and EVEN Nine to shame!

I can’t express how good it looks. Works so well with the current graphics as well.

As mentioned, no more newsroom but hot damn, I think this made up for it!
Might get newsroom glimpses when they do live crosses?

I could easily see this being implemented in Melbourne, albeit much smaller. Especially with the vertical screens - they’d finally be able to make use of them :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with others that this set is built for election coverage!

It would be great to see 10 get back into doing some election coverage.

I would have Lisa & Hugh host (I would have Sandra but Lisa has more experience with elections and is well known Australia wide), PVO on a breakaway panel dissecting seats (soft set), with Sandra doing election updates where sport is being presented.


Wow. They weren’t lying about the large screen!


Oh, so I assume this is a Studio 10 set?


Start comparison in quality with the poorer quality QLD weather wall on Nine