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Some caps of Sandra’s report to the jungle


Is this the first year Sandra hasn’t actually gone to South Africa to present the jungle “bulletin”?




Promo for tomorrow night, this got a mention at the end of the Queensland late news update tonight as well.


Another exclusive


Saturday 2nd March 2019

Due to coverage of Supercars Adelaide 500, 10 News First will be shown on 10Bold in most markets.


so in every market except Perth I gather.


Better than what they previously did, but could the push the news back past 6pm?

It’s not like there’s anything programmed on Saturday nights.


It couldn’t start until 7.30pm in Sydney and Melbourne.


Nightly network exclusives being promoted of late, it’s definitey a start.


The feature story was also mentioned as part of the News Update last night in Sydney.


re… re… re…

I can’t say it. :wink:




Oh come on… spit that launch out :slight_smile:

Dates. Times.


Huh??? What??? TELL US




If there actually is going to be a relaunch, my predictions:

I’m guessing this is going to be the big one.

  • New set for Sydney
  • Maybe a slight graphics refresh (less white)
  • With the end of Pointless coming, perhaps some sort of expansion of the news service into mornings and possibly 6PM (?)
  • As @lexington has mentioned previously, they are slowly rolling out updated equipment, so I’m going to assume they will do the Nine News styled relaunch where each state was slowly updated to HD and a new set

Am I right about any of this? Or am I overthinking it? :stuck_out_tongue:


We alluded to this tweak when News First launched.

I think only Sydney at this stage.


Even just getting a completely new set for Sydney would be good, since we’ve got the oldest one of all Network Ten stations (and metropolitan Australian television in general, I think).