Ten News First Content and Appearance


I noticed this in Adelaide as well:

Adelaide also has a promo of the local team with Will Goodings (Adelaide’s new regular sports presenter)


we’re going to need a 4K promo soon to fit all the presenters in next to each other…


Having Chris on there is just ridiculous, they need to come up with a better strategy to promote the weekend news from a local perspective.


Are you hinting at 10 4K??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a serious note, I agree that these endboards look ridiculous.
Focus on the main presenters or do a natural photoshoot instead of photoshopping them together


nah, I mean the doubling of the frame size… haha.


Is he Graeme Goodings’ son? Adelaide is hilarious.


Yes, He Is.


Graeme Goodings next to join 10 anyone?


Probably not, although it’d be really good if 10 News First actually did get Graham Goodings to be a part of their Adelaide team!


Alan Murrels son Patrick works for Sky in Melbourne


Anyone else think Natasha Exelby might be a candidate for the LA gig?


I thought that last njght. That would be a decent posting.

They really need someone over there. Angela has been doing a great job covering entertainment from there but they probably do need a US correspondent


It’s been stated before Christmas, that 10 are reinstating the LA bureau. That would be a great get if she got the gig.


Yesterday’s Instagram story by Georgie (@GeorginaMLewis) gives a great insight into the set and BTS at TVQ.


This backdrop is niiice!


Nice show from FOX 11 LA. I noticed when I was in Detroit too that - after the late news - local current affairs and sports talk is huge right now. Stations obviously feel this is the way to engage viewers. Ten News First should so do something like this late at night.


John Holt did a great job presenting the opening story for for tonight’s news. As well a a packaged story he spoke at length live explaining the flooding crisis in Townsville and surrounds.

Over on Nine’s 5pm news the flooding only came in as the fifth story with no live cross.


To be fair this is 10’s main bulletin for the night.

Nine’s 5pm is more of a quick summary ahead of its main product at 6pm.


Ten really have invested into their weekend news service. The product at the moment is 100 times better than what we’ve seen in previous years.

3 Live crosses in Qld
2 Live crosses in Melbourne
1 Live crosses in Sydney.

This was in the first 10 minutes. For a national bulletin , the story rundown was perfect


Audio issues with Josh Holt’s microphone tonight. Around 6 minutes in.