Ten News First Content and Appearance


Thanks for the reminder. There were some Australia Day themed graphics during last night’s Adelaide bulletin, too. Excuse the cap quality (tenplay screenshots).


Perth caps


Here are the two bulletins for comparison


For anybody wanting a quick rundown of the story differences I’ve made one below. Grey stories were studio reads, yellows had live crosses accompanying package stories, greens were recycled from the National edition (not including recycled studio reads).

Also interesting, the National edition didn’t have a Play of the Day instead Lachlan told Chris during the handover banter that it “had” to go to tennis player Dylan Alcott. But the Perth edition DID had a Play of the Day, crediting Aussie NBA player Mitch Creek. Strange…


Note the Perth bulletin had the updated report on Australia v Sri Lanka test result plus snippets from Australian captain Tim Paine’s post-match press conference.


That’s why its great that Perth finally don’t have a 3 hour old out of date news bulletin anymore :ok_hand:


Maybe the backing of CBS made it happen again. ABC’s Media Watch are still on eyes them, though.


God I’m a hell of a lot maggoted but I love Chris Bath. She is just one of those who make you wanna smile when she’s smiling.


new news director, ability to spend money where warranted etc…

employing someone specifically for the weekend news also helps, you build into their contracts that they will work 12-8 and cover two bulletins.


I’m sure that South Australia and (during this time of year) Queensland are still waiting though…


Baby steps! 1/2 hour old news here in SA is tolerable at the moment. I’d forgo local weekend news if it meant Ten launched another bulletin either mid-morning or late.


Maybe it’s just me but if I lived in either of those states, I’d want live & local news all week long rather than a delayed, nationalised Sydney broadcast on Saturday & Sunday.


Let’s just wait and see shall we. They’re still rebuilding their department. I’d say they’ll find a way to localise these cities.

The simplest way is probably to have a separate bulletin running out of Melbourne that covers Melbourne and Adelaide (with pre-recorded local windows for Adelaide) while Sydney can take care of itself, Brisbane and Perth. Just an interim suggestion until resources are beefed up across the country.


I live in Queensland and couldn’t care less, as long as it tells me what I need to know. I suspect the majority of people would probably not know any better and would think the same.


Agreed. The average viewer would have no idea its prerecorded.


30 min delay in SA and 60 min in Qld for 6 months of the year on the weekend isn’t really an issue. 3 hrs on the other hand was a massive issue. Thankfully 10 finally addressed it.


As I’ve mentioned previously, I can make do with a national bulletin for now but they should at least consider pre-recording the weather segments.


Not sure if this is new or not (rarely watch 10 in prime time) but a local weather update aired tonight with Amanda Jason. It included tomorrow’s forecast for north and SE Queensland.


Interesting if true.
Can’t say I ever remember seeing local weekend Melbourne updates.
Hopefully this is a move to localised weather inserts in the bulletin.


I noticed as well. Definitely new. This was Brisbane.


Last Sunday we got this: