Ten News First Content and Appearance


Anyone catch one of the promos with new end boards?

Edit: I was on the 10 play app and saw the images for each states news has been updated with Chris Bath added to the group presenter shot.

Adelaide example (inb4 dodgy photoshop job)


The header images on Twitter have been updated


Looks like Chris Bath is the new Sandra (face of Network News).


Wow is Chris Bath doing a double header for all local bulletins now?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


You’d think they could’ve gotten Chris Bath to do a proper photoshoot with the Sydney presenters?


I’d prefer if they can promote their whole weekend lineup first before going local. Bath and Kelly are both new faces to the bulletin and will need to be promoted as much as possible.


Ok, I’m going to say it: those Twitter headers look terrible.


Yep. Very rushed


They did the same thing with Mike Munro.


Does Roz Kelly start today too?


Will be interesting to see, she posted a couple of Airport travel stories to her instagram but it’s not immediately obvious where she’s going.


She was departing South Africa to relocate permanently back to Aus.


Daily Mail and TV Tonight have said before that Roz will start her new role as a reporter for the network in February.


I’m going to disagree with most people… Nothing against Chris Bath but I don’t see the point of adding her into the end boards etc with local presenters… Its just going to confuse people and still does nothing to promote the local product. Too generic and now more national.


I thought she was going to be the weekend sports news presenter?


yes but she will also contribute to Sports Tonight.


Here’s the new Sydney endboard


That expression on Chris’ face says it all :smile:


This was the end board in Brisbane’s promo last night


What went through the person’s head who decided to tell them to do the head-turn-y thing? :persevere:


Spell it out for me please :smiley: