Ten News First Content and Appearance


These are the improvements that are more important than another bulletin. I would much prefer Ten to build the news division, earn some more credibility then work out what to do next.


Graphics used in a “Year in Review” type package tonight:


These graphics look awesome.


I enjoyed the local news and sports ones on Thursday & Friday.


Did they play out the same reel they showed at the Walkleys?


Personally, I’m fine with Ten investing more money/resources in their existing 5pm bulletins before re-introducing local weekend news.

What I don’t want to see despite others suggesting it in the past, is Ten re-introducing additional national weekday bulletins (such as a Morning News bulletin or a Late News bulletin) before their product at 5pm is up to scratch on both weeknights & weekends.


yeah agreed, they should concentrate on primetime, daytime news is already over served. I continue to argue 5pm is the wrong timeslot too.


Unless they have a greater strategy than what they have across the board, I’d argue that time will be never. They can’t be “just as good” as the others or their prior selves: they need to be better enough when it comes to scheduled newscasts or extra bulletins like Studio 10’s Cyclone Debbie coverage, the Thai Cave Rescue newscast and the late evening Victorian Election newscast.

The measuring stick should not be how well a one-hour pre-prime newscast is produced, presented or rated. They need more products, even if they aren’t on TV.


Looks like the Queensland newsroom forgot to remove something from their set :wink:


God that mishmash of old sets looks hideous.


Too wide of a shot…you dont need to show that much…director should have tighten it up.


I know, Brisbane seems to take it too far out! Soon we’ll be seeing the exit to the car park :yum:


They could have real fun by whip-panning from the kids TV set on the other side of the studio.


Good to see 10 still doing the Alexa updates


Some snaps of tonight’s Melbourne bulletin.


Wish they use that plasma more often rather then just for the weather. Use it for live crosses, standing presentation etc. Mix it up a bit


Joe Hill’s last bulletin for this holiday period


Brisbane promo for Monday night’s news - the subject is pretty obvious.


Is that Ali Donaldson? In Africa?

Love to see a video if you captured it.




Wow, not what I was expecting at all.

Thanks for uploading!