Ten News First Content and Appearance


God they need warmer lights. Or, if so, find a way to use warmer lights in their closet studio without affecting the key.


10 second Sydney promo.


so what days are the national bulletins again over the Christmas and New Year period.


From Saturday to Wednesday.

Local editions return Thursday the 27th

Ten News First Presenters and Reporters

Returning earlier than usual- :+1:


A “special guest” on the Adelaide weather, Kate Freebairn’s in the premier Steven Marshall’s kitchen talking about Christmas lunch. :joy::joy:

It’s adorable when they try to look like “one of the people”


I could be entirely wrong, but 10 has to at least be considering their options for breakfast in 2019. This could finally be the time where they become real competition. Especially if TODAY signs Brenton Ragless, as being reported.


They could try a more casual news bulletin at say 7am leading in to Studio 10.
Why not just call it 10 Daily?


Ten definitely needs to try and sell something different to Seven and Nine, not another brekky TV clone. A more news-orientated program, a hybrid of ABC News Breakfast and CBS This Morning would be an interesting venture leading into Studio 10.

Then following Studio 10, a traditional news bulletin at 12, News First: Noon?


Cut Studio10 by an hour and have a news bulletin at 11am.


Pressies under the Ten News tree. Who’s been good?


I doubt McGarvey will be getting any bonuses this year after her deplorable performance. After CBS see these summer ratings surely she won’t last long in that job.


I actually don’t mind the “BREAKING NEWS” super and wouldn’t mind seeing Ten with a news ticker in similar fashion.


There didn’t seem to be enough presents under the studio Christmas tree for yesterday’s team.


Ten News First had had some shocking bloopers with their graphics in the last couple of days.

Yesterday on the weather map they had dashes (- -) for temperatures in Townsville and Brisbane.

Just now they had a graphic before the ad break for Penny Cook RIP 1957-2028.



Good to see local editions return today. Big improvement from the previous 3 years where they took 2 weeks off.


Brisbane tonight - special package


pretty good recap of Queensland news in 2018…


Definitely an improvement and a step in the right direction, but still ridiculous that their only local bulletin per day goes on any break at all.


Lets hope next year it improves again.