Ten News First Content and Appearance


That’s actually the first thing I thought of when I read his comment, intersting analogy to use given the position Coles & Woolies are in with the new kid on the block catching up to them.

Why not both :man_shrugging:t2:


Local News at 5, 7 and 9.30. 10 News First. :wink:


fark sake… no one got it.


I went with NQR because the Ten News brand is damaged goods. SBS News would be the Aldi of news services in this country.


The other thing is that James whatshisname at MediaWeek (as usual) didn’t ask the natural question - having News at 5 and 6 has NO impact on their First branding. They would still have the first at 5 legacy thing. That whole argument the Ten guy gave is nonsense.


Well Lexington, I’ve long said do 9:30. As for 7pm, well, isn’t The Project your top show!?


If we want to think about how to supply the linear channel while driving online content - where most video ends up as clips in any case - we probably might not need to have every single bulletin as one of general local or general national interest.

Target young adults with a daily news program at 3pm - focus on macroeconomic, social, tech and other topics to grab those in their 20’s. Maybe even have a weekly BBC Newsround-type program for even younger tots. Retry the late newsmagazine format at 10pm and then really push into rich multimedia on the stories with 10daily. And if people love Australian Story so much, fire up a POV documentary team and compete against the ABC - they’re boring into 10’s audience as anyone else is. And then, perhaps take a little inspiration from all the above and incorporate it back into 5pm.


I personally would’ve made a case for Nine News Queensland being the Aldi of Australian TV news, since they’re notorious for “Special Reports” on that particular supermarket chain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TTN revival?

I’d probably say that Behind The News on the ABC is our equivalent to Newsround.


I love the way that looks.

How about The Project 6-7?


Its 2018. Where do you think they’re going to get the money for this?


I’d say the same at the moment about adding any broadcast bulletins to the schedule.

If you want to increase the value of the whole of 10 - News, Daily, Speaks - you have to plan your franchises with as many platforms as possible integrated. TV for TV’s sake will not generate enough returns in 2018 and beyond.


No. Adding more bulletins is not the “same” as adding these specialized programs you’re talking about.


Well, you’ve read Ross Dagan’s own words about his approach and how he’s going along with CBS. If the suits in New York are as progressive as he says they are about a wider content strategy, I’d argue an additional bulletin might not be at the top of mind unless there is a clear approach that is substantially different from 7 or 9 and maybe even very dissimilar to 10 at 5pm.


Nobody in that age demo is at home/watching TV at 3pm


The other thing with 10 News First, @TVHead is this works:

5:00 10 News First
7:00 10 News First Primetime
9:30 10 News First Edge (yes, i got that from WJBK)

So, it’s the first primetime commercial news. And the other one is on the ‘edge’ of primetime or evening viewing is the thinking with the 9:30 name… and the fact it’s a more ‘edgy’ late night local bulletin with associated pres elements. Oh, and it’s before The Latest with Musher.

And advance trigger warning sarcasm alert - before anyone objects to my 10 News First Edge at 9:30 name (without suggesting anything else of course), it’s f#%*ing better than 10Bold!!!


PVO with another big exclusive story tonight.


PVO is a good get for ten as he will break stories. Unfortunately the young reporters they had there in Canberra didn’t have the contacts.

Two exclusives in two days is a good start as political editor.


Perhaps so, but depending on costs to implement and the potential ad dollars by translating the program to the web, it could do better than some of the poor raters in the afternoon syndie lineup.

But in any case, I’m trying to paint a bigger picture on what 10 News can put out to maximize audience reach on all platforms. We aren’t just TV Spy, right?


Sure, ‘be the point of difference’ but Pointless certainly isn’t the answer. 10 is in dire need of a decent program at 6pm.


What are you thinking of, as 1, a bulletin for TV or 2, something compiled for mobile devices? Aren’t passive commuters likely to have looked up the news on the way home, therefore less likely to want to see all the news again?

I think 2 has legs, but give 1 the flick.