Ten News First Content and Appearance


That 10 News First backing in the newsroom looks great!! Just needs a bit more light on it!
Would love to see this incorporated somehow on a new set for Sydney.


I agree. That looks fantastic!


Tonight’s Sydney opener.


Nice to see they didn’t forget to update the backing / glass panel, since it had been 10+ years since the last update to it was made and hadn’t matched anything since the switch to Eyewitness News years ago.


proof that even the smallest things were thought of.


Live news into Perth on weekends in 2019

You have just employed Chris Bath – will those weekend bulletins continue to be national?
They will continue to be national, although we will do a second edition for west coast audiences live into those markets, probably in the new year.



Fantastic news. Commitment to news is starting to show again!

Ten News First Presenters and Reporters

Although the re-instatement of an updated Weekend News for Perth is a step in the right direction, I personally hope we’ll eventually see Ten re-instate local bulletins for the other capital cities. Surely I can’t be the only one?


We all do. It will happen, I’m sure of it. But there are many other areas they need to fix first.


Great to See Ten returning to its pre-2014 state.

The London and LA bureaus are re opening.


For those who mention 6PM News for 10 on a weekly basis, hopefully this keeps you quiet.


If Seven and Nine are Coles and Woolworths does that make Ten NQR?


Not sure if I agree with “First” being a major part of Ten’s heritage. If there’s any TV news service which is genuinely first, it’s either Nine or Seven depending on the history in your individual local market.

Also, perhaps it’s understandable that Ten don’t want to re-enter the 6pm news market. They didn’t have any success competing against Seven & Nine in the past, while the 5pm news timeslot has become part of Network Ten’s DNA.

But at some point in the future, I personally hope to see Ten air later weeknight local news bulletins to tap into the growing commuter markets (particularly in the East Coast capitals) who quite simply, aren’t home in time to catch the 6pm news on Seven & Nine in full let alone Ten’s 5pm news. Something that’s fast-paced, snappy, capital city/metropolitan market-centric while still updating viewers on state/national/international content…you get the idea.


This is open to interpretation but for me personally I have always associated the first with being the first nightly broadcast. Not first with the “big stories” or “exclusives”.

“First at 5” was created at a time where there was only the evening news and late news. Later on we started to see introductions of early, morning and afternoon news which then the “first” became majorly irrelevant.


Not something you see everyday… Weather graphics on the plasma.


I guess so. But personally, I strongly associate the words “First” and “Television News” with history and ratings.

Although it’s fair to say that many elements of the Australian TV news landscape we have now was developed during the 1990s and 2000s, I was personally under the impression that there were morning news programs on Australian TV before Ten moved their evening news bulletin to 5pm.


Excellent that Eammon Atkinson has been hired to head up London. He has been doing some good work previously as a freelancer.

Hopefully they get someone decent to work out of LA as well.

Good things are happening but he wasn’t all too keen on new bulletins on the linear channel.


Except his Woolworths Coles comment invites this. What about Aldi?


Whether he gets it or not, of course Ten need to be offering local news at 6. No one is watching anything else.


No, they don’t. Be the point of difference, be unique, be bold not bossy.

News at 7pm… or 9.30…