Ten News First Content and Appearance


Funnily enough I had considered using “bogan” to describe the audience Ten was targeting but thought the word was too provocative.

“Sophisticated” certainly doesn’t spring to my mind when I think of Ten News or The Project.


I think it’s more worthwhile spending than having everyone based in Sydney and chipping in for incidental costs like million-dollar hosts, multi-day OBs, celebrity bookings, techs for a summer concert series and cash giveaway funds. These aren’t small line items relative to the rest of a conventional show’s annual budget.

10 will find more value for its money if it can build News First into more TV hours, have more nationwide staff who can update local stories on 10daily, plan bigger reporting projects by utilizing both dayside and nightside reporters. Not have 5-minute segments in the morning that alienate uni students, commuters and busy parents before school who can’t concentrate on their phones while preparing for the day, but who can blast their TV and glance every so often - the under-50s they’ve talked about.

10 News First in the Morning may or may not have a ring to it, but if Ross Dagan can support a whole division’s performance with the addition of a daypart in resources, not just a product, I think quite a few upfront costs can essentially be written off.

You and I may not agree on a price tag, but I’m sure we would agree that 10 needs to earn that value for its target audience.


You don’t target bogans with thin fonts, flat graphics, world maps and orchestral themes.


The other two networks are the ones doing daily stories on Aldi. Ten’s news is more to the point.


I agree with @jens. Especially since the 10 NF Launch it looks classy & sophisticated.


Fox and friends is not a fun variety breakfast show. It’s a progranda tv show to push the ring wing bias that channel has. So your idea based on your comment is dumb as well.

Local Morning news that leads into Studio Ten, is the way to go. Not to copy what the US cable news network does.


Such a pity that sophisticated audience Ten seeks to appeal to with those thin fonts, flat graphics and the orchestral theme music are all on the daily commute at 5pm or are ferrying Tarquin and Allegra to violin practice and ballet. Hopefully those branding elements also appeal to the residents sitting down to their evening meal in Shady Acres retirement village or the unemployed stoner on his second pack of Winnie Blues for the day.


Can you read? I said Fox and Friends First.

And yeah, local morning News show is real sensible idea to catch those 4 viewers in Adelaide who will watch that.


It’s still just a variant on an original idea on a Right wing propaganda network. Why would you want Fox News to penetrate Ten market with an Australian variant? Have you even watched Fox and Friends in the US? Clearly you haven’t. Go watch it and see why an australian type version here would so not work. Unless you watch Sky News. Stop trying to turn Ten into some Fox related thing. It ain’t going to happen.

Morning news is better then having an American type breakfast show penetrate our market and labeling it Fox and Friends First. Yeah great idea. Not. Not original.


Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just because you don’t agree with their opinion doesn’t mean you should call their ideas dumb.


To me, the ‘News First’ branding currently talks the talk but it doesn’t walk the walk. It’s the ‘Eyewitness News’ situation all over again…

In other words, such branding is currently ‘meaningless’ and doesn’t make sense when I’m more likely to find out about something on Twitter before I would hear about it on 10

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Coming up.

Love the presentation style here, very fast and to the point. Would also love Ten to utilize the “control centre” backdrop for updates throughout the evening.


Well Jens can get lectured on that as well he basically calls everyone else’s idea dumb. I just don’t get why there is a need to have to copy the us tv related breakfast shows to come to Australian tv.

Nonetheless I immaebsely disagree with jens on two fronts calling other people’s ideas dumb as he normally does and second the fox and friends first idea.


Tarsh crossing to The Project team for a “Coming Up at 6:30” look ahead is exactly what they need to be doing when/if Sports Tonight returns next year.


Has Mark Ferguson’s power pose become contagious? :joy::joy:


She has a very unique presenting style.


Project cross tonight


IMO this co-branded 10 daily and 10 News First promo doesn’t look great, the watermarks are way too big for a start and they probably should have just done 1 version of each.

I still think they’re finding their way with how their online presence compliments their TV news service which really needs some more thought and strategy behind it.


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Ten News First Presenters and Reporters

Brisbane using newsroom for breaking news - nice decorations