Ten News First Content and Appearance


I was only comparing to the previous look. Doesn’t actually mean they need to go with orange.
Darkening the mood lighting would look good.


News on Studio 10

What’s News? Ask Natarsha On Studio 10.

We thought Australia needed to spend more time with Natarsha Belling so she’s all yours, five days a week. What’s not to love?

2019 will see Natarsha a permanent figure at the Studio 10 desk, delivering all the latest from the team at 10 News First . With multiple updates every morning, you won’t miss a thing.

Natarsha said, “2019 is an exciting time for 10 News First and I’m thrilled to be playing a role as part of Studio 10 . Mornings are when the big stories break and I’m incredibly proud to be delivering our viewers the very latest on the news stories that shape and change their lives as they develop across the morning.”

10’s Network Director of News Content, Ross Dagan, said: “Natarsha is already part of Studio 10 ’s extended family. Her journalistic credentials along with her warmth and engaging nature, are a natural fit for the program.”

More on Studio 10 changes in that area


I think we’re starting to see those rolling changes we’ve been promised!!


Team her up with Matho and Natasha Exelby - now there’s a show!!!


And I’ve got the perfect name for the show too!
“Wake Up”! How does that sound?


Sounds like a fail :thinking:


Got a great concept I wanna pitch, guys. “Breakfast.”

What, too soon?


Perhaps it could be hosted by this bunch? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, never heard of it… and neither has anyone else…

Now, Paul Henry… there’s someone who might work well at breakfast… just not in Australia


Looks like there’s going to be a pivot to a more newsy program.

Ten News First isn’t just a bulletin but is being set up as the news identity within the network.

We might see a daily political segment with PVO as well.


I would actually love the return of Meet the Press. That was always a superior product produced by 10 and if they were to reintroduce it, it would be 1000x better than the crap Sky is dishing out.


Something minor I know, but I like that someone made a conscious effort not to frame the Christmas tree in the background of that second shot considering the nature of the lead story.


re the screens… aka the set… don’t get too used to them, if I heard right…


Fucking finally


I may be in the minority, but since the change to 10NF, I really love how the sets are looking. Especially Sydney. It looks classy IMO.


Agree completely. Think they certainly are looking more newsy.

With Tarsh being now a permanent fixture of Studio 10, dare I speculate, but could that pave the way for a morning news return. Let’s face it, news presenters on the competing programs are then involved in the production of the morning news. Would make sense.


Who will take over weekend news? Lachlan?


Local? :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t they hire Roz Kelly to read the sports news on weekends? Is that still happening?


Yes - was thinking about that last night actually and checked her twitter to confirm.

“In the new year”.