Ten News First Content and Appearance


Christmas tree in studio


Do they do this every year? Looks very classy.


That looks great!


Not that often Georgie signs off with her name but she did tonight:

Last time was 2015:


Wow you really do need to get out more :+1:


I’ve just been overseas for over a week… I think I’ve had my share of “getting out more” maybe think before you speak next time.


It was a joke mate :wink::+1:


A story about the Adelaide trains being closed for the cricket just had an OTS that used a London tube train (specifically the “sub-surface” S-stock). :thinking:


Have not seen this angle used in a little while but I love it! Reminds me of the old 10 bulletins from yester-year.


Gorgeous. That should be the set! Reminds me of KTLA:


Another promo for an upcoming story:


It would be a perfect alternate angle in a future late bulletin.


Special coverage of Chris Dawson arrest


Sydney opened with standing presentation:


So it’s been little over a month now since the relaunch and here are some points about presentation that I think need improving:

  • There is way too much blue - especially in the opening shots for Sydney and Melbourne. The orange in the previous look worked well for breaking it up a bit.
  • The 3-screen backdrop is okay, but I feel that a localised live backdrop would look much nicer - even if a localised backdrop only sits on one of the screens
  • The right-screen (“sports?”) backdrop on the Melbourne bulletin looks really bad. Way too much blue on it and very busy.
  • The alternating OTS graphics should be changed so that the text only sits on the bottom, not that left-side version.

What does everyone else think?


I thought you loved the look :wink:


I agree about this. Looks SO much better.


Agree - the left side version is really odd. I thought I’d get used to it, but it still sticks out as odd after a month.


I do like the look, but nothing is ever perfect, ay? :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe if they darkened the blue mood lighting it might work better, but the only colours in the current package are white and blue. Putting in orange lighting when it’s nowhere in the package would look a bit strange.