Ten News First Content and Appearance


what it did was unsuccessfully compete wirh 7 & 9… and when 10 went back to the traditional slot they found 9 had thrown in a bulletin and taken more of their audience away.


They need special projects teams and re-established local beats that aren’t courts. TEN Sydney had a transportation beat, for example.

The current nationally-distributed features like health and consumer news are sensible, they just need signature elements back at home.


Ten News First Sydney opened with a shot of the city instead of the revolving globe behind Sandra. Looked so much better.


Caps?? Was it a live shot?


It was to do with a story on a storm that is about to hit Sydney.



Wednesday night’s coverage of the Sydney storms:



Wonderful presentation. So sleek!


Brisbane opening tonight

Queensland fires followed by Sydney storm for approx 16 minutes to first break.


I don’t get what’s so special about it. They used the video wall for the opener - woopidoo


Probably because Ten rarely uses the video wall for the Opener? But yeah…for one segment, not really anything to get excited over.

I personally think Nine actually displaying live crosses (including single & multi reporter split screens) on their giant curved screen during Peter Overton’s bits of standing presentation had more visual impact. Although to be fair to Ten, at least they had some out of the ordinary presentation for the weather event unlike Seven who mainly seemed to just use a rain-infused version of their typical bulletin production style.


Each to their own. :hugs:
I thought Nines “sliding pictures” story image they ran for their whole coverage on the wall, prior to cutting to the live crosses, looked average. The live cross animation was good, other then that nothing great.
Tens opened looked fair superior IMO. Most likely due to the atrium.


Here’s something interesting I noticed…
They removed the still backdrop from the right of the set but it seems that the two screens remain there… despite never actually being seen since the relaunch :thinking:


20 second promo just aired in Brisbane, promoting fire coverage. I just caught the end of it, “when it matters most, turn to Ten News First.”


Have the vertical screens ever been used for anything? The already have the LHS presentation area.


As far as I remember they were never used. Sort of a shame really.


I first read that as “when it matters, most turn to Ten News First.” :smiley:


You still don’t see any promotions on high rotation in prime time. They really should have one 10second ad every break time.


That’s definitely something that needs to improve in 2019 - the 10 News First promos particularly need to be pumped out during the more popular shows like MasterChef, The Bachelor/ette, Gogglebox & Have You Been Paying Attention? IMO!

Probably the only time I’ve seen a news promo on Ten recently, it was played in a late night timeslot where it wouldn’t have had much impact.