Ten News First Content and Appearance


The News First look compliments the Melbourne set far nicer than the Eyewitness News look ever did. The wide shot of the LHS screen is especially nice.


Love that news theme music…f#$king great!


6pm!? Holy shit they’re thinking! :thinking:


And another local bulletin tonight:


Looks great. Ten have the right talent to launch 6PM local news.


Georgia Love could read the news on weekends permanently in Melbourne with Caty Price on sport. They have some depth in the Melbourne news room.


I agree, they could easily re-instate local news at 6pm on weekends.


That is not really fair to the more experienced and competent anchors in Melbourne- Candice Wyatt, Nick Etchells, Yasmin Paton- who deserve the role more.

It would be more wise to have local news at 5pm (just like weeknights), when they don’t have the big competitors against them.


It was just an example to show that ten have the depth down in Melbourne.


Has someone challenged you to use the word “depth” as much as you can today?


ya’ll know they tried 6pm local on weekends right?


This 6PM news thing is mentioned at least once a week and is starting to get really irritating and repetitive.


It’s not going to happenz. Let it go.


Perhaps if you keep reiterating something like one does to a child, the might learn a thing or two and heed some advice as opposed to having their heads up their backsides?

Just a thought.


But it happened this weekend!!!
Local 6PM bulletins confirmed??!


Nine Melbourne had a 30 minute news bulletin on Saturday. Confirmed that Nine is cutting Saturday news back to 30 minutes! (Of course not).


Oddly enough, they also seemed to trial political news until 10PM on the same night with a panel of 6. This might be their new compeditive edge?


No. Let it go


Yeah, and it got higher ratings than what they get now.