Ten News First Content and Appearance


Interesting! Thanks for that.


Live to Newcastle for first story in Brisbane.


Are the arms faded on that suit or is that bad lighting! Haha!! Shocking!


They could only find shade behind a tree! Haha


More like a power pole!


The Walkelys opened with a news montage of the year prepared by Ten.


It was the Dejero app. Our live unit did have issues, so the app allows for immediate broadcast and IFB. Unfortunately it did require the apple microphone for the audio to be clear


Great crosses none the less mate.


Nice tattoo handsome


Haha… 10 News on Sky! Sucked in Murdoch!




The Ten package shown at The Walkleys


Nice package :+1:


Did anyone cap the closer to the late “bulletin” on the election? Had a long closing theme I believe ?


I didn’t cap it but yes it had 1 minute+ of clean theme.


Was there a seperate melb produced and presented bulletin?


Yep, see the Election Thread.


Good work 10👍


Here’s a montage of the 6pm bulletin:

And the 9:40 bulletin featuring the long closing theme:


I like the greyer blue and almost teal lighting on the LHS plasma. Much better than the blue used under TENFAF (couldn’t resist).