Ten News First Content and Appearance


Socceroos game coming out of Melbourne tonight so that wouldn’t be it.


Looks like Sydney to me :thinking: Those same screens are used for The Sunday Project.


Melbourne does the sport.


SC10-produced Ten Eyewitness News promo from 2015:


Wow. I’m not sure why they mentioned the traffic, because it would be irrelevant in 95% of situations for regional viewers unless it something on, say, the F3 heading up to Newcastle.


No mention at the top of Melbourne’s bulletin about the storms currently moving over the city. Pre prepared stories on terrorism. Would have thought to embrace their ‘first’ tag the storm would have been worth a brief mention and undertaking of more details to follow later in the bulletin…


maybe it was just rain?


You underestimate how much us Melbournians will talk about the weather


Maybe it was just rain but it was rain that caused flash flooding, power outages and extensive traffic disruptions at the end of the work day. 7 and 9 both did live crosses as their second story even after the event had passed.

10 eventually made references in traffic and weather reports. Just felt it was a bit of a missed opportunity to cover an event as it was happening but, fair enough, maybe thats not their focus.


Lachlan Kennedy reporting nice and cas in Bali


Looks like they are broadcasting via an iPhone either that or they were doing something for social.


Same set up used for cross on The Project, including delayed audio so that must be all they have. I don’t mind it - looks a bit more real/urgent.



Perth have gone to a live Cross to Bali for Renae Lawrence’s release. Narelda narrating as the cameras roll LIVE:


I believe the live unit in Bali is having issues…


An iphone is a good back up option in these cases then!


I’m surprised by the vision and audio quality…


In a good way?

If they do a live cross this way, are they using FaceTime? Skype?

I’ve always been curious how they then put that to air, like how does the video call come into the newsroom and then how does that get broadcast on air?


Oh yeah, it’s clean and sounds good for what it is.

Most likely Facetime these days, as Skype is so horrendous with quality. They could have an iPad with a lightning to HDMI adaptor which would get it into a format suitable for the broadcast gear.


A few places use Zoom these days too.