Ten News First Content and Appearance


Coded in two halves, always has been.

So is Hotseat.


Ta. How I wish they didn’t do that


Only real solution, given the environment, is coding 10NF in halves. I know 9 and 7 code half-hours for news with the bygone legacy of their current affairs programs in most states, but I don’t know why 10 doesn’t take advantage and figure out what it can do.


Networks can slice and dice the figures anyway they like.

Everyone gets 1/4 hour breakdowns and if they pay for it minute by minute breakdowns.

So really what’s at play here is how OzTAM releases the detail albeit at the request of the network.

But internally, 10 would know how they’re bulletin is performing segment by segment against the other channels.

As you approach 6pm it’s highly likely 10 falls behind but earlier in the hour i would guess 10 performs well.


I’ve seen the quarter hour ratings… and 10 does very well in total people right through to 17.45. Every weeknight.


It’s that damn weather wall…


Have they tried moving sport to 5.20 (for example) and continue the news content from 5.30-5.55pm. Do you think that would reduce the switch over?


If I’m not mistaken, 10 would fall behind in the last 1/4 not because people are switching over but bacause there’s a big increase in people and households turning on their TVs. (There would be some switchover, but I don’t think it’s the major component)

There’s always a big increase in PUTS and HUTS just before 6.

So it’s not 10 doing anything wrong, rather people being in the habit of tuning in for the 6 o’clock news.


Without doubt… ratings are there mainly for selling advertising… and yes, seemingly strange program division is created to maximize audience numbers.

Bragging rights are a nice extra.


I honestly don’t think there is anything 10 can do that will stop the switch over.

They just need to be a competitive 3rd from 6-7 to survive.


They could promote the fuck out of the fact that they have the most comprehensive sports wrap (tie in with ST) highlighting that 10 could be the one stop shop for sports wraps for those people who don’t have time to watch the games. Along with this they could push the headlines earlier to 5:30 to introduce possible viewers joining them.


He’s right. News director and/or executive producer have the final say on whether something is exclusive. As @lexington also said before, exclusivity in TV news means TV only. The ethics is debatable, but this is standard practice in the industry.

If you want to get even more pedantic, there is also a distinct difference between First on 7 and 7 News Exclusive. That’s for another thread.


Saw a Ten News OB van for the first time since the rebrand - I like the subtle and effective use of the logo:

The same van from before the relaunch:


One thing I really hope happens eventually (although remembering promises of major changes after the 2013 rebrand which were short lived or didn’t come to fruition, I’m somewhat sceptical) is 10 News First actually giving an incentive for viewers to make Ten their first choice for news.

At the moment I’m struggling to come up with reasons why I should watch 10 News First instead of Nine News. Sure, Ten’s content mix isn’t horrible but at the same time, not really compelling enough for me to make 10 News First appointment viewing every night. I also get the distinct impression that Ten may need to try and poach some talent from Willoughby to boost their profile in the Sydney market.

While burning off the Toyota contract when Sports Tonight (during Ten’s Late News) was axed in 2011, they briefly branded the Sports segment during the 5pm bulletins as “Ten News Toyota Sports Tonight” and maybe also “Ten News Sports Tonight” for a brief period, but that didn’t last overly long.

Compared to now when it’s before Sport or even Weather, didn’t Ten News Sydney used to have a recap of the headlines around 5.30pm back in the day?

Surely Ten are eventually going to get a logo (even if it’s just the 10 or 10 News First logo on white - that works just fine for Nine & Seven) on their vans?

Now that Australian TV networks no longer have separate helicopters for news gathering purposes, these OB vans probably should be one of the strongest branding symbols for the news services out and about!


I saw the Brisbane one outside Suncorp Stadium the other day, it’s been wrapped in the new 10 News First look - couldn’t grab a pic though as I was driving.

With that in mind, I would say all are being done / are almost done, it’s probably just finding the time to take them out of service for a few hours to be done.


obviously yet to go into the shop…


Most news vehicles are unmarked though, the OB trucks usually are, thought GTV9 use at least one unmarked OB truck.


Yeah well they need 6pm news too - like I’ve always said.

They would lure people to stay by having a strong local 6pm edition of “News First”.


the link vehicles are usually branded, while the camera cars are unmarked.


It’s always been mine regardless, during the week only for several reasons I suppose. I’ve always like Ten News (even under it’s old branding) because it was always on at 5, I was always home just before then and if I wasn’t going to be home I’d pvr and watch it when in bed :stuck_out_tongue: lol (I know, so pathetic)

For me Ten always had the best graphics, until the Ten Eyewitness News re-brand, loved the old theme tune, but i hated the Eyewitness new brand at all costs. It was simple and nice. Dark blue graphics was so sexy back in the early 2000s.

I guess the probably Ten News First is competing against game shows which probably draw more viewers (I don’t really particular follow ratings) which is probably hard to beat. Many people are just tuned into 6pm while eating dinner or just getting home from work.

It’ just the weekend edition i don’t give a shit about. Being National. I really don’t give a flying fuck about other states, so I switch to Nine for local news. Until they fix that, Ten News First on weekends can go fuck themselves. (I seriously doubt they would implement local news bulletins on weekends again, but hopefully in the not so distant future).