Ten News First Content and Appearance


Again, have you seen Seven and Nine? There is nothing new to this. Yeesh.


So what?

Do better.

On that basis can we expect to see Aldi specials as news stories on 10?


Oh get a grip. Are there Aldi stories on 7?

It’s one story, not shown on any other network tonight…


Ok, you’re defensive, I understand that.
I’ve made my point, you’ve made yours.
Clearly there’s never going to be agreement.
Time to move on :grinning:


I am so sick of some on this forum who have a holier than thou attitude when it comes to 10.

At the end of the day they are still a commercial television network.

As much as they are working to stand out and be different, obviously the masses want what 7 & 9 deliver.


I don’t think that excuses them from criticism. We may not all agree, but it’s the nature of the business. Edit: or critique


I bet News Corp wouldn’t have kicked up stink about this if CBS didn’t own Ten :wink:


I pointed out that that exclusive was wrong, as I have pointed out other instances where various media outlets have wrongly claimed an exclusive. I’m sick of exclusives being claimed when they are not exclusives.


But it’s not an exclusive. News Corp had it first.


But that does not mean you have to go and instantly defend 10 as soon as something you don’t like is said about the network or its news offering. We all have opinions that need to be respected.

Regardless if the information is new or not it is a win for both 10 and the Daily Telegraph and demonstrates that good journalism is occurring without the tabloid crap taking over news these days. All networks are now adopting the American sensationalised “exclusive” which is being overused to the point that we don’t even know what to classify an exclusive since everything is apparently one.


The story on Ten was different in focus and content, with a lot more detail and currency than the rather vague “in November” report from News Corp. For example, Ten’s report had a statement from Bali Border protection with info on Australian Consulate and Immigration, none of which are covered in the News Corp article.


I didn’t instantly. I was told 3 or 4 times that my view was wrong.


don’t let that get in the way of a good bashing for the sake of bashing.


If anything, 10 News certainly making some noise across media recently, including with Studio 10 two weeks in a row.

Hugh currently on ABC News Radio chatting about the Renae Lawrence story. Money can’t buy that publicity.


He was also on Ben Fordham’s radio program yesterday afternoon too, some good coverage there also.


You know times are tough when your one and only news bulletin gets outraged by quiz shows. Revamps mean nothing.


it doesn’t though…



You’re comparing a 5:30pm figure to a full 5pm hour figure there. Seven and Nine both grow substantially after 5:45pm as people switch on for 6pm, I think it’s generally accepted that 10 is ahead across the full hour of their bulletin.


The Chase goes for an hour? (Edit: or is it coded as two half hours?)